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Innovating Identity on the Blockchain

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An Experience Developers Love, Enterprises Trust: Okta for Customer Identity

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Identity and Device Management for The Extended Enterprise

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Okta for Startups: Free Identity Tools for Entrepreneurs

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Context + Access: How Identity-Driven Security Can Prevent Breaches in Your Business

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Bringing it All Together: Okta, HR, and Your Directories

In any organization, there’s one key resource that cannot be replaced: people. Even though technology is seen as the great business enabler of the 21st century, organizations must still focus their efforts on managing their human resources. After all, it’s people who are responsible for thinking creatively, generating new...

The Inside Job: When Microsoft MFA Fails

In today’s threat landscape, cybersecurity vulnerabilities can originate from a variety of places. An exploitable gap in one vendor’s technology can have serious, cascading repercussions across an entire organization, large or small. This reality is one of the reasons that Okta’s Research and Exploitation (REX) team constantly performs security reviews...

The Top Four Business Trends That IT Teams Must Address

In a world driven by digital disruption, several tech trends are shaping the business landscape of tomorrow. Business leaders have a choice: put into practice strategies that reap the benefits of these new innovations or get left behind. These are four of the most critical trends that business...

HR + IT = Seamless Employee Onboarding

Few people will argue that the hardest part of starting a new job is, well, starting a new job. The excitement of a new professional challenge often gets overshadowed by the struggle of getting the tools and resources needed to do the job.

According to Namely analytics,...