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Splunk: Crawling through the Digital Muck with Okta

Splunk : derived from ‘spelunking’, the hobby or practice of exploring caves.

Splunk envisions an IT world where big data makes sense and does not require any headlamps or helmets to crawl through the digital muck. In this world, data is both valuable and usable and...

Box: Thinking Outside the Box with Okta

Jeff Sutton, enterprise IT manager at Box, recently sat down with us to discuss all things Okta — from what first drove Box to looking for an identity management solution to his experience with customer support during implementation. To hear our full interview with Jeff, watch the video below or...

A Future Free From Passwords?

Passwords are a problem. The most secure passwords are robotic, nearly impossible for humans to remember and can lead to high IT costs through password resets or, worse, can pose serious security risks as employees take shortcuts to remember them. Imagine that familiar sight of a password pasted to a...