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Okta Certification Exams are $50 until August 15

Okta Certification Exams are $50 until August 15

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Learn more

Okta Certification Exams are $50 until August 15

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Discover the value that Okta delivers to retailers

Build loyalty with existing customers and win new ones with the power of Okta. Get a hassle-free login experience and your own customized look, all while maintaining the security of their data.

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Young woman in glasses and an apron smiling and standing in front of a food stand.

Okta loves getting in your business

Okta enables a seamless user experience so retail companies can drive customer loyalty and increase revenue. It’s service with a smile.

Track record of success

See how Okta helps the retail industry.


increase in customer sign-in for Crate & Barrel during checkout vs. using guest checkout 


hours of employee productivity time saved each month for Reform by reducing MFA prompts

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The world’s largest retail organizations trust Okta.

Okta delivers modern Identity solutions

Create streamlined access for your customers so you can focus on driving revenue.

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Solutions by industry

Okta can transform any brand into a vibrant, modern digital retail business.

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Okta can help transform online shopping experiences for retailers and their millions of customers.

Okta simplifies processes by establishing Identity and access management so employees can focus on customers.

Okta helps integrate consumer brands into a single centralized Identity platform and maximize M&A efforts to promote brand growth.

A man sitting at desk with laptop out and credit card in hand while another man hunches over his shoulder and wraps his arm around him
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See how Okta rebuilt an e-commerce giant from the ground-up.
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See how Okta enabled secure, personalized journeys for each individual customer.
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See how Okta Integrated its access and Identity solution for a global sandwich chain.
A man wearing an apron and a hat taking inventory of packaged goods in a retail shop
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See how Okta’s helped elevate Mars’ many diverse brands from candy to pet food.

Implement Identity with Okta’s products for retail

Create delight for your customers, employees, and vendors by providing a seamless and secure experience.

Bot Detection

See how Okta’s Bot Detection implements machine learning to quickly identify any threat signals and mitigate bot attacks.

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"Now, each customer has a single Identity. We give them tailored customer experiences, but that doesn't mean they need three different user IDs and passwords."

Ramiya Iyer
GVP, IT Digital, Data and Pharmacy Albertsons at Albertsons Companies

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Why your customers aren't converting

See the global study on the role of Customer Identity and UX.

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