Know what makes your customers happy with Okta

The first step to knowing your customer is customer identity. This includes a seamless experience across all your platforms, login, and more. The good news is Okta offers an easy-to-use, developer-friendly customer identity solution–often referred to as CIAM in the industry–that’ll make everyone happy. 

Father and daughter making a purchase at a retail store

Join thousands of brands who love Okta


increase in conversion


increase in customer loyalty and satisfaction


fewer login-related help desk calls

Get off to a good start at sign-up

Great customer service is at the heart of the retail industry. Learn how Progressive Profiling allows for faster sign-ups and gradual data collection that lets you get to know your customers better.

It’s easy to make customers happy with happy employees

Help streamline your employees and partners work with a workforce identity solution that’s developer-friendly with thousands of integrations and easy onboarding and offboarding for IT and HR. That means they can focus on your customers instead of identity.

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