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Oktane Online - 4th October, 2023

Oktane Online - 4th October, 2023

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Oktane Online - 4th October, 2023

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Workforce Identity Cloud

Built for everyone in your workforce

Okta Workforce Identity Cloud provides easy, secure access for your workforce so you can focus on other strategic priorities—like reducing costs, and doing more for your customers.

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Turn Identity into a business advantage

Empower your people, protect your data, and accelerate your business with an Identity-first security solution built for today’s dynamic workforce.

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Phishing-resistant Authentication

See how Okta protects against identity attacks with secure access from anywhere.

Give every worker, everywhere, secure access to everything they need


The best security has Identity at the heart

When you put Identity-powered security at the heart of your business strategy, there’s no need to make a trade-off between delivering a great user experience and keeping your users safe.

Integrate Identity seamlessly across your security stack with features like Okta’s Risk Engine, FastPass, Workflows, and Directory Integrations.

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Empower the IT team of your dreams

Focus on bigger business initiatives by streamlining the daily tasks bogging down your tech teams.

Drive efficiencies across your business with features like User Lifecycle Management, low and no-code automation with Okta Workflows, and a unified Identity access and governance solution.

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Enable access for everyone, not just anyone

Deliver a great user experience for your entire workforce — from their first day to their last.

Create secure, passwordless authentication and give access to the right people at the right time with FastPass, Device Assurance, Multi-Factor Authentication, and Privileged Access.

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Workforce Identity for every team member, everywhere

Create streamlined access across your organization so you can focus on moving your business forward.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Secure cloud single sign-on that IT, security, and users will love.

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“The reliability of Okta made it easy for our IT team to maintain and ultimately reduce their workload so they could focus on more strategic aspects of their jobs.”

Harry Moseley
CIO, Zoom

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Universal. Complete. Easy. Reliable.

A powerful platform that’s simple to build with, customizable for every need, and 99.99% available.
That’s the Okta Advantage.

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