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Access Gateway

Secure access to on-prem apps and protect your hybrid cloud – without changing how your apps work today.

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Implement modern security for on-prem apps

Improve user experience without compromising on security with Okta’s SSO, Adaptive MFA, and ThreatInsight.

Integrate fast without changing on-prem code

Streamline app onboarding with native integrations and support for on-premise patterns.

Shrink your identity infrastructure

Reduce costs and operational burden from SSO on-premises.

Access Gateway
To learn more about Access Gateway and how to protect your on-prem
apps with Okta, talk to us.

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Single Sign-On

A single set of credentials gives your people access to enterprise apps in the cloud, on-prem, and on mobile devices.

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Adaptive MFA

Secure your apps and VPN with a robust policy framework, a set of modern second-verification factors.

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Universal Directory

One place to manage all your users, groups and devices, mastered in Okta or from any number of sources.

Lifecycle Management

Automate user onboarding and offboarding with seamless communication between directories and cloud applications.