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Okta Certification Exams are $50 until August 15

Okta Certification Exams are $50 until August 15

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Okta Certification Exams are $50 until August 15

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Workforce and Customer Identity Clouds

Introducing Okta AI

Okta AI lets organizations harness the power of AI to build better experiences and protect against cyberattacks. Watch the video below from our CEO Todd McKinnon as he discusses what this means for the future of Identity.

What makes Okta AI special?

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Built on over a decade of experience

That's billions of logins. Everything we've learned from usage, access policies, patterns, threats, and more informs our technology.

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Enables powerful, real-time actions and insights

Leverage data and insights to improve your security posture, make your organization more productive, and remove friction for end users.

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Takes our products to the next level

Okta AI is infused across Workforce Identity Cloud and Customer Identity Cloud - helping you unlock new capabilities, improve experiences and outcomes, and dramatically expand the role of Identity.

How will Okta AI help you?

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Improved UX

Delight your teams with a smarter, faster, and more seamless experience when building, deploying, managing and using Identity with Okta.

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Enhanced security

Empower your security teams with technology that learns and evolves to tackle any Identity-based attacks.

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Higher productivity

Developers can build apps with auto-generated Identity code and embedded actions, while IT can streamline and automate operations for admins and reduce headaches.

Terms to know


What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to the capability of a machine to imitate intelligent human behaviors and abilities, such as perceiving, reasoning, learning, problem solving, interacting with an environment or with human beings in natural language, or exercising creativity.

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How is Okta AI enhancing
Workforce Identity Cloud?

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Identity Threat Protection - Coming soon

Automate continuous detection and response for Identity threats

Will harness the power of AI to detect and automate responses to Identity threats across your tech ecosystem.

Use Universal Logout, a first in our industry, to immediately log users out of their Okta-integrated apps when a session is compromised to reduce the risk of an attack.


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Policy Recommender - Coming soon

Give your teams the advice they need

Will provide admins with recommendations to help apply strong security policies without overwhelming them. All based on security best practices and aggregated intelligence from across Okta’s extensive ecosystem.


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Log Investigator - Coming soon

Easier threat investigations

Will turn questions into insights with a new capability that helps admins find and interpret Okta System Log events based on natural language.

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Governance Analyzer - Coming soon

Quality governance. Reduced cognitive burden

Will unlock the highest quality governance decisions by leveraging data from other parts of Okta’s unified platform, such as involvement in past Identity threat events or potential risk of access.

How is Okta AI enhancing
Customer Identity Cloud?

Image of Flow Optimizer overlaying image of two women looking at mobile device.
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Actions Navigator - Coming soon

Discovery and code generation made easy

Developers will be able to search a marketplace of integrations in natural language, making it easier than ever to find an Action. If the Action a user needs doesn't exist, Okta AI will be able to generate one on the fly, and then iterate on it to add or change conditions and business logic until it's ready to deploy.

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Tenant Security Manager - Coming soon

Intelligent security recommendations

Will enrich Okta’s Attack Protection capabilities with intelligent security recommendations through security alerts and dashboard notifications to improve a tenant’s security posture.

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Identity Flow Optimizer - Coming soon

Go with the optimized flow

Will provide developers with recommendations on the Identity configurations and Actions they can add to boost conversions, improve security, and build their apps faster.

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Guide - Coming soon

Your one stop know-it-all assistant

Will unlock comprehensive onboarding assistance that intuitively maps out the best steps for developers to take, seamlessly steering them toward the most valuable workflows from simple English prompts.

Any unreleased products, features or functionality referenced in this page are not currently available and may not be delivered on time or at all. Product announcements do not represent a commitment, obligation or promise to deliver any product, feature or functionality, and customers should not rely on them to make purchase decisions.


To connect with a product expert today, use our chat box, email us, or call +1-800-425-1267.
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