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Customer Identity Cloud

Universal Login

Flexible authentication with Universal Login

Deliver secure, seamless access for customers with Okta Customer Identity Cloud, powered by Auth0. Explore flows, extensive branding customization, login methods, and more.

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A screen of the three-step process for connecting your security key, layered on an image of a woman on her phone in public

Everything starts with your login box

Authenticate your customers securely across every application, from the first click to the last. See how your organization’s Identity helps secure digital access for customers everywhere.

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Social Login

Let customers authenticate with their preferred social login credentials, paving the way for a seamless and fast authentication experience.

A flow chart

User experience

Frictionless and flexible authentication options allow customers to interact with the digital world in a manner that best suits them.

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No code customization options that help reinforce and promote a consistent brand experience across all channels and applications.

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Single sign-on

Orchestrate an uninterrupted authentication experience, across multiple applications, with a single set of login credentials.

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Defend your application from bot attacks and detect anomalies based on suspicious IPs, breached credentials, and user context.

Let your brand work for you everywhere

From startup to enterprise, we’ve got the tools to make your login box look, feel, and work the way you want. Code your own customizations or use our pre-built partner integrations.

Go with the authentication flow

Tweak, configure, and preview every step of the customer authentication experience. See what your custom branding could look like across different authentication flows.

Make your login box truly yours with customization

From your background to language localization, customize everything about your login box — all without writing any new code.

Discover more in the Universal Login experience

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Centralized configuration

Use the admin dashboard to easily toggle features on and off, and implement your login page just once across all your apps.

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Multi-factor authentication

Improve security by letting users authenticate with a second factor such as WebAuthn, SMS, email, push notifications, and more.

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Leverage Universal Login and out-of-the-box tools that make it easier to deploy accessible solutions to your users across your application.

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WebAuthn integration

Use FIDO security keys or device biometrics for passwordless or multi-factor authentication.

An icon showing a fingerprint and a password represented by four dots

Passwordless and passkey

Authenticate using your device biometrics. Get a one-time password received by email or SMS, social logins, or passkey — the newest FIDO authentication factor.

An icon of a flow chart

Social and enterprise connections

Choose from dozens of pre-built social provider integrations to make login more secure and frictionless.

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