Virtual Event: August 24, 2021

Developer Day | Auth for All

Webinars + Demos Virtual

EspreSSO Shot 3: Zero Trust

Gone are the days of a network parameter-centric view of security. With the adoption of mobile and cloud, the focus has shifted to a Zero Trust approach - enabling the right level of access to the right users regardless of their location, device, or network.

Grab your favorite morning beverage and hear how Okta can extend Zero Trust across your security ecosystem and why identity management is central to your infrastructure to prevent data breaches.

Webinars + Demos Virtual | APAC

Okta Japan Weekly Webinar - Lifecycle Management

The burden of managing IDs and access to IT departments is increasing due to joining/leaving the company, personnel changes, organizational restructuring, and organizational expansion. Introducing how you can automate, save labor, and speed up alliance work associated with ID and account registration and changes. 

Come and join this free event to learn more.

Conference - Okta-Sponsored Virtual

Cal State Tech Connect 2021 Virtual Conference

Cal State Tech Connect 2021 will highlight the CSU campus’ great work enhancing privacy and security; fostering diversity, equity and inclusion; evolving technology, infrastructure and services; leading, partnering and collaborating; and teaching, learning and transforming th​e student experience.​

User Groups Virtual

Higher Education User Group

Join us for the next virtual Higher Education user group on July 27th at 10:00 AM PDT / 1:00 PM EDT. The meeting will be a great opportunity to connect with peers, learn how other IT and security experts use Okta, and hear from the Okta team. This will be an interactive session for Okta customers.


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Webinars + Demos Virtual | APAC

Okta on the Road APAC Edition

This year’s Okta on the road APAC edition on July 27, is a virtual roadshow that explores the themes around the future of identity, including exclusive product roadmaps, best practice sharing from IT executives and Okta customers, and Q&A with industry experts.

Whether you are joining from a beach chair or a desk chair, you will learn how your organisation can extend the power of the cloud to simplify and secure the way your employees, customers, and partners connect to technology.


  • Opening Keynote – Todd McKinnon, CEO, Okta
  • Future of Identity Roadmap – Diya Jolly, CPO, Okta
  • Customer Fireside chat with David Bradbury, CISO, Okta
  • Live Q&A

Registrants will receive a link to explore our on-demand Best of Oktane content and every time they view a session, they will earn points in their virtual passport for a chance to win our $500 Luxury Escapes gift card, to take a vacation (or staycation) on Okta!

Conference - Okta-Sponsored APAC

CISO Leaders Australia Live Summit A/NZ

This event showcases leading international and local experts to provide sessions to accerlerate attendee learning and provide a forum for 1:1 meetings with experts.

Okta's Dragan Vladicic, Senior Manager, Solutions Engineer APAC will run a roundtable discussion in the CIO track of this event. The topic 'Driving Your Competitive Advantage with Cloud-first Identity and Access Management', talks to how security and IT teams can provide employees with a seamless, yet secure, experience as they need to access both SaaS and on-premises applications. The content covers how organizations can leverage a cloud-first approach to better manage their applications as well as identity and access management (IAM) and the best ways for organisations to leverage newer technologies to help scale their infrastructure to meet customer needs.



Conference - Okta-Sponsored Virtual

Hybrid IT 2021 and beyond: post-pandemic strategies

Whether organizations were ready or not, COVID-19 accelerated IT. With the rapid increase in remote work and digital business, tech leaders now need to future-proof their IT environments while ensuring management efficacy and security.

Join us as we discuss:

  • The effects of the pandemic on organizations with complex hybrid IT and multi-cloud environments
  • IT strategies for long-term success
Conference - Okta-Sponsored APAC

6th Annual FST Government Victoria 2021 Live Conference

Victoria has faced a year of unparalleled trial and tribulation, in 2020. Tested in its resilience and resolve – first by a devastating bushfire season and then the ravages of the Covid crisis – Victoria’s citizens have proved their mettle. This was not without some impressive maneuvering by the government, which, beyond strict lockdown mandates, leveraged its talent and tech resources to accelerate the state’s recovery. This not only involved a swift reorienting and reprioritization of public service functions (from eHealth and human services to the bushfire front), but also a newfound push to take advantage of its vast data and digital resources to guide policy and future responses to crises.

The FST Government Victoria 2021 conference will, with a strict lens on technology and digital innovation, navigate attendees through the Victorian Government’s response to the recent crises as well as its whole-of-gov strategy to enhance citizen services and streamline agency operations.

Join Okta at this very for-the-times event. 

Webinars + Demos Virtual

Cybersecurity Readiness with Splunk & Okta

During this webinar, attendees will learn:

  • How Splunk and Okta capabilities help secure IT environments
  • About the integration between Okta and Splunk
  • Details on NuHarbor Security and how we help augment and manage cybersecurity
Conference - Okta-Sponsored Virtual

Black Hat 2021

Connect with Okta at the virtual portion of Black Hat 2021 to learn how a comprehensive, identity-first security strategy can tie the complexities of protecting people and assets.

Visit our sponsor page and be sure to enter our raffle for an awesome grand prize! Hope to see you there!