Okta Certification

Validate your skills by earning an Okta Certification and differentiate yourself from other candidates for in-demand, high paying jobs. Confirm you are an Identity expert today and set yourself up for success tomorrow.

Okta Certification

Gain a competitive edge by validating your Okta knowledge and skills

Okta Certification Exams are $50 until August 15, 2024

Stay ahead of evolving threats with Okta Certification. Getting certified keeps you in the know about Okta’s latest security features and showcases critical expertise.

Workforce Identity Cloud



Okta Certified Professional

Prerequisites: None



Okta Certified Administrator

Okta Certified Administrator

Prerequisite: Professional




Okta Certified Consultant

Prerequisites: Professional and Administrator




Okta Certified Developer - Workforce Identity Cloud

Prerequisites: None



Okta Certified Developer

Okta Certified Technical Architect

Prerequisites: Professional, Administrator, Consultant, and WIC Developer




Okta Certified Workflows - Specialty


Okta Certified Access Gateway - Specialty


Customer Identity Cloud (Powered by Auth0)



Okta Certified Developer - Customer Identity Cloud

Prerequisites: None


Frequently asked questions

How do I become Okta Certified?

Okta certifications are role-based and designed to set baseline skill standards for key technical personnel that work with Okta. Credentials are earned by passing an Okta certification exam or series of exams or by fulfilling other performance-based activities.  Target credentials for inclusion in the program include Okta Certified Professional, Okta Certified Administrator, Okta Certified Consultant, Okta Certified Developer, and Okta Certified Architect.

Am I required to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) before taking an Okta Certification exam?

To preserve the security and value of the certification program, all candidates must accept the terms and conditions of the Okta Certification Program Agreement during the registration process and at the beginning of any Okta certification exam.  Acceptance of the terms and conditions is required in order to officially become certified and maintain a valid certification status. Download the agreement and read it in full before scheduling your Okta exam. If you are not willing to be bound by the Agreement, you will not be allowed to take the exam.

Is there a registration fee for exams?

The Okta Certified Professional, Okta Certified Administrator, and Okta Certified Developer Exams are priced at $250 USD each. The Okta Certified Consultant Exam is priced at $300 USD. The retake price for the Okta Certified Professional, Okta Certified Administrator, Okta Certified Developer, and Okta Certified Consultant Exams is $100 USD each, representing significant retake discounts of $150 USD to $200 USD. Payment for an Okta exam is made during the scheduling of an appointment and can be done using a credit/debit card or an exam voucher.

How long will my certification be valid?

After you achieve a certification credential, you must meet ongoing requirements in order to keep credentials current and use Okta certification logos. This may include the completion of specific training, recertification exams, or even sitting for core exams at designated intervals.  You will be notified by Okta regarding requirement and timeline for completing recertification activity.

What training classes should I take to prepare for the exam?

It is not required that you attend a training class prior to your exam; however, taking recommended training and reviewing Okta Community assets will put you on a fast track to certification success.  It is also highly recommended you review the corresponding study guide for the exam you are preparing to take: Professional Exam Study Guide, Administrator Exam Study Guide, Developer Exam Study Guide, and Consultant Exam Study Guide.

How do I register to take an Okta certification exam?

Okta certification exams are scheduled and proctored online through Examity.  First, you must register by creating a user profile on the Examity site. Complete registration and scheduling instructions can be found in the Examity User Guide. 

Where can I take an Okta certification exam?

Okta certification exams are delivered in a proctored, online format which means that exams can be taken from most any location at a time that is convenient for you, without travel to a test center. Review the Examity User Guide for more information about the online proctored format.

What should I have when taking an Okta certification exam?

You will need a computer with a video camera, audio (both microphone and speaker capability), a browser, and a strong internet connection. You must bring your ID to verify your identity prior to starting an exam.

Can I use reference materials during an Okta certification exam?

Unless otherwise noted in an exam study guide, Okta certification exams are closed book.  The use of reference materials (hardcopy or electronic) is prohibited during the examination. You are also not allowed any electronic devices during testing.

What will I receive after passing the exam?

Once all published requirements are met, you will earn the certification credential and be authorized to use the certification title and logo on your business cards and other professional collateral.

What do I do if I need to cancel or reschedule my exam appointment?

You may reschedule or cancel an appointment up to 24 hours prior to the start of the appointment. You may not reschedule or cancel an exam appointment once it has started. If you do not complete the exam at the scheduled time and did not contact Examity 24 hours in advance to cancel or reschedule, you will be charged the full exam fee.

What is the refund policy?

Refunds, if the cancellation policy was adhered to, will be processed for the credit card utilized during the appointment process.  More details about the refund policy can be found in the Certification Program Handbook. 

If I fail the exam, can I retake it?

In the event that you fail to pass an Okta certification exam, you may retake the exam under the following conditions:

  • You can retake a failed exam 24 hours after your first failed attempt.
  • To take an exam you have failed two or more times, you must wait 14 days after each subsequent failed attempt.
  • You can only take a beta exam one time.
  • You cannot retake an exam you have already passed.
  • You must pay the exam fees each time you take an exam, and you will not be refunded for a failed exam.


"Going through the Certification process allowed our team to validate the skills required to get the most out of our investment with Okta and apply these learnings as we continue to level up our overall security posture.”

Eddy Perez

Technical Program Manager, Con Edison

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