Okta Certification Subject Matter Expert Program

This program was created to invite Identity and Access Management (IAM) practitioners who have extensive knowledge and experience with the Okta service to participate in the design and development of Okta certification exams and other certification related products. Engaging with these practitioners will help ensure Okta certification exams remain focused on assessing real-world relevant knowledge and skills that are critical to the successful implementation and use of Okta.

Who is eligible to become an Okta certification subject matter expert (SME)?

The Okta Certification Team considers anyone who has met all of the following requirements a qualified SME candidate for the purposes of contributing to the design and development of Okta certification exams:

  • Holds an active/unexpired Okta Certified Administrator Certification at minimum
  • Works for a customer or partner organization in good standing with Okta
  • Is willing to apply to participate in the program, as well as sign the terms and conditions for participation

How can I become a member of the Okta Certification Subject Matter Expert Program?

  • Review this sample terms and conditions document and make sure you are comfortable with all of the terms and conditions listed in it.
  • Submit your application to be an SME. We will review your application and contact you within five business days.
  • Participate in a brief technical interview intended to gauge which projects you would be a good fit for.
  • Sign the terms and conditions document we will send to you by way of DocuSign once the Director of Certification approves you for participation.

Find answers to other questions you may have below or contact us at [email protected]

Frequently asked questions

Why is Okta using this approach to create questions for exams?

Okta recognizes the value of including the latest experience and knowledge representative of the skills required to solve business challenges globally in its exams. The exam content developed through this program will be the result of the global participation and contributions of Okta subject matter experts and will bring cutting edge skills validation into the Okta certification program.

How do I qualify for this program?

To qualify, you must be employed by a customer or partner that is in good standing with Okta. You must also hold an active/unexpired Okta Certified Administrator, Okta Certified Developer, or Okta Certified Consultant Certification. Qualified applicants must also complete the application and sign the program Terms and Conditions document.

How do I know if my application was approved?

A member of the Okta Certification Team will review your application and contact you within five business days.

How do I know which certification exam projects I can help with?

During the application process, we will work with you to identity the projects you are best suited for based on your expertise. And, as a result, once we have a project in your area of expertise, we will invite you to participate in that project.

What do I get for participating in this program?

As a subject matter expert, you get the following benefits from participating in this program:

  • Opportunity to meet, network, and work with some of the best Okta subject matter experts from around the world; participating as an SME will be your opportunity to expand your professional network
  • Recognition as a subject matter expert in the associated exam study guide
  • Discounts on the price of certification exams
  • Behind the scenes insights into the certification exam development process at Okta

Okta Certification Subject Matter Expert Program

Thank you for your interest in the Okta Certification Subject Matter Expert Program. To be considered for this program, you must complete this application in its entirety and respond to each question honestly.

After you have completed and submitted your application, a member of the Okta Certification Team will review your application and contact you within five business days.

By submitting, I agree to the processing and international transfer of my personal data by Okta as described in the Privacy Policy.