Take an Okta certification exam and get reimbursed by the VA

The United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has approved the following Okta certification exams for reimbursement of test costs:

Badge Certified Administrator

Okta Administrator Exam

Up to $255 USD approved per attempt

Badge Certified Consultant

Okta Consultant Exam

Up to $305 USD approved per attempt

The VA only reimburses exams that have been available for at least two years. The Okta Certified Developer Exam does not meet this requirement. Thus, the VA will not reimburse veterans who take the Okta Certified Developer Exam.

The VA recognizes that having a license or a certification can open doors for veterans and their beneficiaries. Getting a certification can help veterans get, keep, or advance in their careers. As a result of this awareness, the VA approves eligible certification programs upon application for reimbursement of test fees.

Here is how the program works:

  • The VA pays only the test costs – up to $2,000 maximum for each test. Other fees, such as fees for taking training associated with obtaining a certification, are not reimbursable. 
  • Payment is issued after a test taker submits proof of payment to the VA.
  • There is no limit to the number of attempts for which a candidate will be reimbursed, as long as the candidate is requesting reimbursement for an exam the candidate has paid for.
  • Eligible individuals do not need to pass an exam in order to be reimbursed for that exam.

Learn more about how the GI Bill works for professional licensures and certifications at Military.com or benefits.va.gov.

Take an exam now and get reimbursed for it.