Okta’s Commitment to Racial Justice and Equality

It starts at the top

Leadership’s commitment to racial justice and equality

Our CEO Todd McKinnon has expressed his support for the Black Lives Matter movement, and discussed Okta’s investments in fighting racial inequality. At Okta, we value diverse identities: Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) belong at Okta. We are still early in our journey, but are committed to doing the work and sharing our progress.

How we’re making it happen

Our strategy

As part of our long term commitment to diversity, inclusion and belonging, we recognize the work we need to do to support our diverse colleagues and ensure our commitment to racial justice and equality. We’re focusing on three key areas: our workplace, our workforce and the marketplace. To report our progress in all of these areas, we will be releasing Okta’s first State of Inclusion Report in the fall of 2020.

It starts by looking inward

Inclusive Language Project

At Okta, we are committed to nurturing a culture of inclusion and belonging. We recognize that communication –– both verbal and non-verbal –– is a critical part of creating a sense of inclusion and belonging within teams and across our organization. As part of our “Inclusive Language Project,” we’re committed to removing words and phrases from our product, code and messaging that are charged or exclusionary. As we continue to make these changes,  we will share regular updates.

How we're investing in the future

Okta Ventures

Okta Ventures is committed to supporting diversity, inclusion and belonging across the investor ecosystem. We are offering unconscious bias training to our portfolio companies through Hustle Crew and are supporting Black founders in partnership with Grid110 as a sponsor and partner.

Putting our time and money to work

Philanthropic efforts

Through Okta for Good, Okta’s social impact arm, we’ve made a $1M commitment over three years for racial justice and equity and workforce development grants. We also formed a  Racial Justice and Equity Employee Advisory Board, consisting of leaders from People of Color @ Okta ([email protected]), the Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging and Okta for Good teams, to determine where we’ll award these new grants.

Supporting our Black colleagues

Empowering the People of Color @ Okta ERG

Our efforts to promote racial justice and equality are designed and implemented in partnership with our People of Color group. [email protected] was launched as an Employee Resource Group in March 2018 and we continue to work with leaders and members of this group to ensure that we are listening and responding to the needs of our Black colleagues and communities.

Diversity, Inclusion + Belonging at Okta

Our journey with DIB efforts

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Cultivating a deeper sense of inclusion and belonging


Creating a space for open conversations and education

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Laying foundations for diverse talent and balanced teams

Our vision

Nurture a culture of inclusion and belonging while building a diverse workforce to fuel innovation and collective growth

Our approach

Our Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DIB) program focuses on three major areas: 



We believe in recruiting diverse talent to create balanced teams



We support and empower employees to be authentic and grow through open conversations and education

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We go to market and sell to diverse audiences

Employee Resource Groups at Okta

Women @ Okta

Women at Okta Logo color

Women @ Okta

Women @ Okta is a platform to educate, support, and drive gender diversity and inclusion at Okta.

POC at Okta

People of Color Okta

People of Color @ Okta

People of Color @ Okta promotes belonging and equity by providing visibility, support, and opportunities for growth.

Pride Wordmark

Pride @ Okta

Pride @ Okta strengthens the LGTBQ network at Okta and builds a stronger sense of community.

We are Okta, inside and outside of the office

Here at Okta, we know identity is multifaceted. These videos tell the personal and professional stories of some of our most inspiring employees: our problem solvers, our artists, our builders.

Lead Recruiter Sarah Schiff explains how she uses her background in the performing arts to her professional advantage.

Rock climbing is essentially complex problem-solving. At least, that’s how Akin Edwards, Senior Sales Engineer at Okta, sees it.

Chris Niggel, Head of Security and Compliance at Okta, is an expert at assessing risk and responding to disasters – on and off the job.