What is Zero Trust Security?

Zero trusts given.

Zero Trust Security Approach

The adoption of mobile and cloud means that we can no longer have a network perimeter-centric view of security. Instead, we need to securely enable access for various users – employees, partners, contractors, etc. – regardless of their location, device or network.

The Zero Trust Security approach ensures the right people have the right level of access, to the right resources, in the right context, and that access is assessed continuously — all without adding friction for the user. That Zero Trust nirvana doesn’t happen overnight.


Zero Trust Security Landscape

Forrester’s evolution of the Zero Trust framework – the Zero Trust Extended Ecosystem (ZTX), led by analyst Dr. Chase Cunningham – emphasizes the shift beyond network segmentation.

Okta has been recognized as a leader in Zero Trust Security.

Making identity the foundation for your Zero Trust strategy

There is no silver bullet when it comes to achieving a Zero Trust security architecture, but identity and access management is the core technology that many organizations start with on their Zero Trust journeys. As organizations implement Zero Trust architectures, we’ve seen organizations progress through several stages of identity and access management maturity:

Zero Trust Maturity Curve

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Extending Zero Trust across the Security Ecosystem

Beyond delivering identity as the foundation for a Zero Trust framework, Okta also integrates deeply across security solutions to unify your approach to Zero Trust. Through the Okta Integration Network, Okta invests in and maintains deep integrations across all components of the extended Zero Trust ecosystem:

Extending Zero Trust across the Security Ecosystem

Where do you fall on the maturity curve?

Take our Zero Trust Assessment to see how you stack up against other organizations, and get personalized recommendations to secure your organization.