State of Inclusion at Okta

Annual Report | December 2020

Identity is at the core of everything we do at Okta.

We value what makes each individual unique. That’s why our focus on identity extends well beyond our product, to include how we hire our employees, engage our teams, structure our company, and support our community. 

We are committed to Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DIB) at every level. We know that a diverse landscape of employees, partners, and customers with a broad range of perspectives is the only way we’ll be successful in building an iconic technology company. Within Okta, our DIB efforts are inclusive and driven across business units and geographies. Inclusion ensures that we have fair and equitable processes and structures that enable everyone to be their authentic self at work. Our ultimate goal is creating a sense of belonging, giving everyone the confidence and security to actively participate – because ultimately, our differences are what makes us stronger.

Welcome to our first State of Inclusion report, in which we share an overview of our current workforce and the collective DIB efforts at Okta to create a sense of thriving, belonging, and opportunity.

State of Inclusion at Okta Annual Report.

Key takeaways

Why release this report?

Why release this report? Okta cares deeply about DIB issues. Employee diversity data is just one part of the equation for us: we prioritize building a sense of inclusion at Okta, and making a positive impact on our community. This report communicates our DIB commitment and our larger DIB strategy, documents where our inclusion efforts in our workforce, workplace and marketplace stand today, and enables us to measure our progress year over year.

Why now?

Over the past two years, we have been building up DIB initiatives across our organization, and are moving from intention to action in our inclusion journey. We feel the company is large enough now that we are ready to share our progress and have a public conversation about where we stand and where we can improve.

What's next?

We still need to do additional work to improve the balance of our teams at every level in terms of gender, race and ethnicity. We continue to refine our goals for improvement. We are sourcing new talent more broadly and hiring for culture add. We will establish better metrics by which to track our demographics. We have put many new programs into place, and we are committed to developing more initiatives as needed to nurture an inclusive culture.

POC at Okta.
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POC at Okta

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