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Okta Certification Exams are $50 until August 15

Okta Certification Exams are $50 until August 15

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Okta Certification Exams are $50 until August 15

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Workforce Identity Cloud

Lifecycle Management

Automate access with Lifecycle Management

Enhance productivity and reduce costs by managing your provisioning like a pro.

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Connect your HR systems and IT resources to free up your teams from manual, time-consuming work.

Discover your ROI

25 mins

saved on every application provisioning request*

Norwegian Refugee Council

~6K IT hrs

saved per year due to automated provisioning and deprovisioning*

News Corp

2 hrs

saved while getting new employees up and running*

Game-changing lifecycle management

See how you can reduce the time IT spends managing policies, people, apps, and devices.

Manage Identity in one spot

Easily import Identities from various HR systems and directories into Okta. 


Consolidate employees, contractors, and partners into a single plane and grant varying levels of access to your resources and apps.

Automate the joiner, mover, and leaver process

Set up employees with the resources they need fast and give your IT team time back. 


Plus, speed up deprovisioning, so you can recuperate software licenses, save on costs, and strengthen your security posture.

Simplify extended-enterprise user permissions

Modern organizations don’t just rely on employees. Partners, contractors, vendors, and customers all need varying levels of access to your resources and apps. 


Set flexible policies for different groups, so you can grant and rescind access based on dates, inactivity, and more.

Streamline auditing and compliance

Get reports on which users can access a given app, which apps an individual user can access, and which users were recently deprovisioned. 


To make your life even easier, use APIs to programmatically extract data to your auditing tools — no sweat.

"Before Okta, we were sharing Excel files of employees 20 or 30 days after they were terminated, just to make sure that we removed them from all of our systems. It was incredibly tedious and incredibly manual. Okta is a no-brainer solution."

Robert Taylor
Vice President of Information Technology, Hendrick Automotive Group

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“Now that we provision from Workday into Okta, user creation is automatic. Okta updates all our user information in the apps for us. It stops us logging into 15 different systems to make changes. We just make the update once and it pushes through to all these different applications.”

Dan Bowden
Internal IT Solutions Architect, Xero

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“Any new application adopted by Sephora is immediately integrated with Okta. The technical process of integrating a new application into our IT system used to take weeks or even months, but with Okta it now takes no more than a day.”

Arnaud Feyssaguet
IT Infrastructure Manager, Sephora

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Lifecycle Management pricing
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Businesses at Work 

Using anonymized data from over 17,000 global customers and the Okta Integration Network, we’ve identified key insights to help you stay ahead of global app and business trends.

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Get more out of Lifecycle Management

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Okta Workflows

How does no-code customization sound? Specify your workflows to your needs and automate even further.

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Developers portal

How does no-code customization sound? Specify your workflows to your needs and automate even further.

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Featured integrations

Discover thousands of pre-built integrations that make it easier and faster to address your top business challenges.

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Lifecycle Management hub

See what’s new in your central hub for documentation, articles, questions, and more. Plus, get answers to common questions.

Explore more resources


Connecting your HR system

Explore a number of pre-integrated HR systems that facilitate automated provisioning and deprovisioning using Anything-as-a-Source (XaaS). 

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Complementary products



A graphic showing a user requesting that everyone take an action, specifically resetting passwords.

Universal Directory

Deploy a flexible, cloud-based user store to customize, organize, and manage any set of user attributes.

A graphic of assigning a user to a workspace.

Identity Governance

Meet your compliance challenges, improve your security posture, and drive organizational efficiency.

A graphic showing what programs a user is assigned to and the option to send a Slack message.


Take care of complex Identity processes at scale with our automation and orchestration platform — all without writing code.

Why Okta

Okta is the world’s leading Identity partner

Our solutions are comprehensive, secure, easy-to-use, reliable, and work with your existing technology. So no matter your stack, we’ve got your back. Over 18,000 customers rely on our 7,000+ pre-built integrations, extensibility, and flexibility.

See the difference

*Savings are estimates based on customer reporting. Savings may vary and are not guaranteed.

To connect with a product expert today, use our chat box, email us, or call +1-800-425-1267.
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