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Oktane Online - 4th October, 2023

Oktane Online - 4th October, 2023

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Oktane Online - 4th October, 2023

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A welcome change for the changing world of work

Today’s distributed and hybrid workforce calls for a more secure login solution. By bringing MFA and Password Sync to devices, we give employees a better authentication method, and a simpler and downright delightful way to start their workday.

Securing every device

Ensure consistent security access controls at scale, across all your devices, under a single, unified IAM.

Simplifying SSO even more

Single sign-on is now easier and more secure with passwordless and phishing-resistant authentication.

Powering greater productivity

Streamlined access to devices and apps makes work easier for end users and IT, enabling greater productivity.

Bringing MFA and Password Sync across all devices

A pop-up window asks user Alex Wilber how they’d like to verify their identity. They can choose a push notification through the Okta app, a one-time password through the Okta app, or an offline one-time password.

Desktop MFA

MFA for Windows

Bring Okta’s MFA to your employees’ first vulnerable touchpoint—the desktop login. Available for Windows and coming soon for macOS.

Compliance made easier

By deploying desktop MFA, customers can meet their compliance requirements and qualify for cyber insurance.

Offline authentication and access

Add an offline sign-in method to confirm the user’s identity and allow them to gain access without an internet connection.

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Desktop Password Sync

Authentication made easier

Synchronize your macOS password with your Okta password and have one less password to remember.

Accelerated access with FastPass

Auto-enroll users into FastPass to provide secure and passwordless access to all their apps.

Stronger password management

Manage device passwords with the security policies of a best-in-class Identity provider.

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Learn more about Okta Device Access

Solution Brief: Okta Device Access

Okta Device Access brings the best of Okta’s simple, secure authentication experience to the point of desktop login for Windows and macOS. computers.

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