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Advanced Server Access

Zero Trust access management for infrastructure that just works

Extend core Okta Identity & Access to your Linux and Windows servers via SSH & RDP in an elegant manner built for the modern cloud.

hero Advanced Server Access

Designed for elastic cloud infrastructure

Abstracts the complexities of IAM at scale across any cloud, public or private.

Eliminates credential management pain

Backed by an ephemeral client certificate architecture that replaces static keys, elegantly mitigating the risk of credential theft and misuse.

Automates account lifecycle management

Local server accounts are provisioned and deprovisioned from Okta as the source of truth.

Delivers a seamless user experience

Designed to work out of the box with your local SSH & RDP tools, and easy to configure via API.

Advanced Server Access

Ready to secure your infrastructure with Okta? Try Advanced Server Access free for 30 days.

Customer Journey

With the Okta Identity Cloud, Personal Capital can manage its large-scale cloud environment easily and securely


employees using Okta for easy access to their work