10 takeaways from Salesforce.com’s FY2012 SKO, Part II

6. SaaS billing is heating up and Zuora is flying high On Thursday evening I attended a party hosted by Zuora, a leading SaaS billing company run by former SFDC colleagues of mine. I had a chance to catch up with my friends Tien Tzuo (CEO), Jeff Yoshimura (Head of Marketing & BD) and Richard Terry-Lloyd (VP Sales) at the event. Tien was…

10 takeaways from Salesforce.com’s FY2012 SKO, Part I

I spent a few days last week in Las Vegas at Salesforce.com’s (SFDC) sales kickoff (SKO) for the upcoming year. SFDC’s fiscal calendar ends January 31st, so after a couple days to recharge the batteries, reorganize some management groups and redesign sales territories the sales force was gathered to learn about the new plans for FY2012 and to get…


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