Realize your vision with Okta for Good

Nonprofits around the world rely on Okta to securely connect to the tools and services they need. Through our Okta for Good program, we proudly offer all nonprofit organizations 50 free licenses for all Okta Workforce Identity products and 50% off additional licenses. Nonprofits may try Okta for free for their entire organization for 30 days. We partner with Percent to review and validate all the donation requests we receive.

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What the Okta Identity Cloud can do for you:

  • Implement SSO across all devices, giving your team easy, secure access to the tools they need
  • Extend your existing Active Directory systems or LDAP to the cloud
  • Give your IT team increased visibility and centralize access control across your applications
  • Trial run an external portal for customers or partners

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Okta believes that nonprofits should be as powerful as their missions. To that end, Okta for Good mobilizes our most valuable resources—our people, our products, and our dollars—to support nonprofits in communities around the world. To be eligible for benefits from Okta for Good, including product donations, nonprofits must hold current 501(c)(3) status in the U.S. or their country's equivalent, as validated by our partner, Percent. Hospitals, healthcare institutions, public school districts, higher education institutions, and government entities are not eligible for this offer. Be sure to check out Percent's eligibility guidelines to see country-specific qualifications before beginning your application.

Further, as a global employer and service provider that stands for trust, Okta is committed to respecting all people and communities. Our core values are incompatible with hate, bigotry, and intolerance. Accordingly, Okta for Good will not donate products or services to any organization whose mission or activities promote opposition toward protected groups including on the basis of religion, race, disability, age, nationality, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, or other characteristics that are associated with systemic discrimination or marginalization.

Okta for Good may use any information to determine whether or not a recipient or prospective recipient of donated products or services is in violation of this policy. This includes external evidence such as social media that reveals discrimination, hate speech, or disrespectful or bullying behavior.

In the event that Okta, or Okta for Good, determines that a recipient has been in violation of this policy, Okta reserves the right to revoke the recipient’s donated products without prior notification. Recipients will be notified by an Okta representative within 24 hours in the event of service suspension.

By submitting, I agree to the processing and international transfer of my personal data by Okta as described in the Privacy Policy.