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Introducing Okta for Good’s Innovation Lab

For maximum impact, nonprofits need more than donations. They need digital tools, and training to modernize their operations and secure their systems. See how Okta for Good’s Innovation Lab is pioneering a fresh take on philanthropy.

Learn about The Innovation Lab

Modernizing nonprofits with digital transformation

The Innovation Lab, an initiative by Okta for Good, delivers funding and personnel support to organizations taking action on global social issues. Facilitated access to Identity, productivity, and security technology helps them secure access, and scale—for the good of the people they serve.

Meet the three nonprofits.jpg

Meet the three nonprofits in Okta’s Innovation Lab

With the launch of the program came an exciting new vision for engagement, transparency, and shared experiences. Not only would TechnoServe, Tech Matters, and Mercy Corps embark on vital global projects, they also resolved to actively document their efforts for the world to see.

Read more about the launch of the Innovation Lab
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Innovation starts with an inspired idea and a worthy cause

TechnoServe, Tech Matters, and Mercy Corps have always been innovators—identifying opportunities for social change, and then making them happen. Get to know a little more about the history and goals of these exciting organizations, and watch as their customer journeys unfold.

Answering children.jpg

Answering children in crisis with cloud technology

All around the world, millions of youth turn to child helplines for critical support. Yet due to technological constraints, as well as a lack of connectivity across different channels and devices, many of those desperate calls are missed. Tech Matters founded Aselo to support these helplines with essential technology.

Learn more about Tech Matters’ mission.
How Identity empowers prosperity.jpg

How Identity empowers prosperity for micro-retailers

When local businesses prosper, so too do their local communities. So in places like Sub-Saharan Africa, TechnoServe works with micro-retailers to modernize, digitize, and forge a clear, sustainable pathway out of poverty.

Learn more about TechnoServe’s vision
The future of farming.jpg

The future of farming hinges on digital access

On a planet with a growing population and a changing climate, food security is a top concern. The world’s smallholder farmers have an important role to play in tackling these joint challenges. That’s whyMercy Corps developed the Sprout program —a source to help them build resilience.

Learn more about Mercy Corps’ mandate

In conversation with the Innovation Lab’s leading innovators

Enhanced impact

With new technology, tools, and tactical know-how, the expansion of Aselo-enabled helplines worldwide is moving with speed and scale.


The lasting impact of Innovation Lab

With the official launch of the Innovation Lab, Okta for Good provided a new model for the world’s leading technology companies to support the nonprofit sector. How successful has this initiative been to date? Discover the impact of the Innovation Lab on the projects, people, and communities involved.

See how technology is enabling social progress

Building and scaling new technologies to help solve important social issues is no small feat—yet Mercy Corps, Tech Matters, and TechnoServe made it happen.


See what they’ve achieved

The impact of employee volunteering with Okta for Good

For the Okta team members providing pro bono consulting and product support to their nonprofit partners, the Innovation Lab has been an eye-opening experience.


Check out Michelle’s story

Okta is revolutionizing nonprofit collaboration

Tech Matters, TechnoServe, and Mercy Corps may have diverse projects, but their success had one thing in common: delivering secure access with Identity.


Dive in

Okta for Good's mission is to build a safely connected world where everyone can belong and thrive. To achieve this, we make our  technology available to nonprofits while also distributing grants, championing employee volunteers, and supporting sustainability initiatives.

Learn more about Okta for Good


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