Social and Environmental Responsibility at Okta

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"We believe Okta has a long-term responsibility to maximise benefits to our society, the environment, and all of our stakeholders, including our employees, customers, and communities. We take that responsibility seriously, and we’ll lead Okta with the conviction that how we build the future is as important as what we build."

– Todd McKinnon, CEO & Co-Founder, Okta
– Frederic Kerrest, Executive Vice Chairman, COO & Co-Founder, Okta

What's new

FY2023 ESG Fact Sheet

Read this summary of Okta’s key ESG disclosures.

Okta Emissions Inventory Results

Okta’s greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory is foundational to our environmental strategy. The data enable us to increase our understanding of Okta’s current emissions, track our progress year over year, and identify opportunities to reduce our carbon footprint. Here are the results of our latest GHG emissions inventory.

Okta Announces Commitment to 100% Renewable Electricity

First set of public commitments positions the identity leader for long-term action on climate change

Our Commitment to 100% Renewable Electricity and Guiding Principles for Okta’s Climate Strategy

Our Commitment to 100% Renewable Electricity and Guiding Principles for Okta’s Climate Strategy

Beyond compliance: Elevating Okta's ESG with security and trust

Blurb: Security and privacy are two of Okta's most relevant ESG issues, and core to our vision to free everyone to safely use any technology. Learn more about Okta’s approach to security and privacy across the business and within our ESG framework.

Accountable and transparent

In May 2020, we launched our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) program.

Our ESG efforts are led by our executive leadership team and are reviewed by the Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee of our Board of Directors.

From the outset, we intend to be accountable and transparent about our successes and challenges. We established a simple and strong ESG structure to provide strategic direction for this program, against which we intend to review our progress over the coming years.

ESG issues material to Okta

We worked with external experts and internal stakeholders to help define our most material issues, which form the foundation for our ESG program. We organized our top material issues into three categories:

In 2021, Okta worked with a third-party human rights consultancy to complete Okta’s first corporate-wide, human rights impact assessment (HRIA).

The objective was to identify human rights impacts most salient to employees, customers, suppliers, and communities directly and indirectly impacted by Okta’s business operations, products and services, and relationships. We interviewed internal and external stakeholders to assess Okta’s business against internationally recognized human rights standards and principles, including the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. Several key human-rights-related impacts were identified, such as those related to the right to privacy, non-discrimination in the workplace, responsible product use, equitable and accessible products, and excessive working hours.

Okta gives back through our social impact program, Okta for Good