5 Challenges of Digital Identity in Australian Government

Digital transformation has revolutionised various sectors, including the Australian government. However, the complex nature of government IT systems, combined with increasing cybercrime and data privacy concerns, has hindered true digital transformation. 

Resolving Digital Identity challenges has become a strategic priority for government IT and security leaders, but several issues must be addressed.

  1. Managing identity complexity: Outdated legacy systems and modernising IT is crucial.
  2. Talent shortage: The scarcity of skilled ICT professionals in Australia hampers the development of robust Digital Identity solutions. 
  3. Frustrating authentication experiences: Achieving a mature digital environment that meets community expectations is essential.
  4. Rising cyberattacks: Protecting personal data from fraud and maintaining trust is paramount. 
  5. Data privacy concerns: Maintaining privacy and compliance is crucial.

To overcome these challenges, a Modern Identity solution is key. Download the report to learn more.

5 Challenges of Digital Identity in Australian Government cover

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