Businesses at Work 2023

This year is all about selecting the right tools and strategies to navigate uncertainty. Macro headwinds such as a tight labour market, high inflation, and rising interest rates abound, making it an undeniably challenging time to run and grow a business.

To thrive in a climate like this, organisations have to get strategic. They need to double down on workforce efficiency, invest more heavily in security, and innovate around revenue-facing initiatives. The anonymised data from Okta’s more than 17,000 global customers and the Okta Integration Network — which includes over 7,000 integrations with cloud, mobile, web apps, and IT infrastructure providers — shows us that companies are doing just that.

Let’s take a deep dive into the data to identify which apps and digital strategies are gaining traction in these undeniably unique times.

Businesses at Work 2023 Report Cover

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