Josh McCoy: So Infusionsoft does CRM software for small businesses. Infusionsoft's vision is to be the small business platform so we want to be able to empower and enable small businesses to grow and better serve their customers through our automation and marketing tool.

Josh McCoy: I would say technology is key to everything that we're doing and I'd say over the last three and a half years its become more and more integral to the success of the business, especially with Infusionsoft being a SAS based company and kind of a cloud first mentality. Just being able to just leverage some of the strategic advantages that come with a technology, whether that be moving things to the cloud, it being able to reduce on-prem, administration and overhead, that goes a long way in terms of freeing people up to do more value add work for the business.

Josh McCoy: Before Zylo and Okta it was something where there was a lot of manual work going on around spreadsheets, talking, interviewing individual users, being able to just kind of collect and gather a lot of information manually. Especially nowadays with security being such a huge risk and I think an opportunity for large enterprises, Okta plays a central role in terms of being able to get in front of the needs of our employees and help streamline processes so that employees are better able to access systems, get their work done and accomplish their goals.

Josh McCoy: Zylo really enables us to have a better idea of what usage metrics exist and then as a result, what risks we're exposed to from a security perspective. Having an Okta and Zylo integration really compliments each system in that we're getting information from Okta and putting it in Zylo, we're better able to see, okay what are our real usage statistics and utilization metrics, and then how does this even tie out on a per user basis. So what are some of the users that have higher usage of applications, lower usage, are able to repurpose or reassign licenses.

Josh McCoy: The two systems really compliment each other very well and so being able to have this continuous loop of information, feeding from Okta to Zylo, becomes really help for us as an IT team. It just really allows us to make informed decisions and better communicate with the business around, where are we going strategically, what are opportunities that we have, what are maybe even risks that we didn't look at prior to and then how can we best partner with the business to provide solutions and services that are what's in line with their strategic goals to help small businesses.

Infusionsoft builds cloud-based products for its ever-growing base of small business customers, indicating a strong need for a cloud-first mindset internally. The company wished to ease employee ability to sign into work-critical systems without compromising security and needed up-to-the-minute insight into SaaS usage and spending to make the best possible decisions. By utilizing both Okta and Zylo, Infusionsoft is able to enhance productivity, streamline software spend, and reduce the need to place IT personnel on rote tasks like user provisioning.