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2023 Okta Customer Identity 트렌드 보고서

2023 Okta Customer Identity 트렌드 보고서

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2023 Okta Customer Identity 트렌드 보고서 - 지금 다운로드

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Power your Identity

Bring always-on Identity to your critical infrastructure.

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Driving success in the energy sector


reduction in password reset requests for Beach Energy

5 days

for NOV to configure a security- and developer-friendly Okta CIAM tenant


automation of user creation within IT at Tibber

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The world’s largest energy sector organizations trust Okta.

Increase security, reduce costs, and innovate faster

Here are the ways we can help you.

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Best-in-class security

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ISO 27001/27018/27017

Okta is ISO 27001:2013 certified and ISO 27018:2019 compliant since 10/13/2015, and ISO 27017 compliant since 7/9/2020, proving our expertise in securely managing information technology systems.

Okta Service Certifications


CSA Star Level 2

Okta's ability to secure sensitive data in the cloud is further validated by its Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) Security, Trust, & Assurance Registry (STAR) Level 2 Attestation, certified since 6/1/2017.

Okta Service Certifications

We’re powered up whenever you need us

Critical service reliability is a priority to our customers across the world. That’s why we set the industry standard for reliability.

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99.99% availability

Okta delivers 99.99% uptime giving energy organizations a nearly always-on solution. 

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60x less downtime

Energy doesn’t need outages — Okta has 60 times less downtime than our competitors. 

The tools you need

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Solve complex Identity problems quickly with extensible and customizable Identity flows.


Explore Actions


"When we were selecting our security solution, we saw that Okta placed a strong emphasis on the user experience. Managing cyber risk is obviously a concern that we need to address, but it’s rare to be able to offer a solution that people really appreciate from a user experience perspective."

Aaron Finnis
Information Security Manager, Beach Energy

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"With Okta, when I look at Universal Directory or Workflows, it seems straightforward and simple, and I like simple. ‘Keep it simple’ is my number one security rule."

John McLeod

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"We chose Okta because I knew from experience that it could strengthen our security at Tibber while increasing efficiencies in our processes, without adding extra burdens to my workload."

Jon Westholm
Security Captain, Tibber

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