Okta FastPass

Phishing-resistant passwordless authentication

Okta FastPass enables passwordless authentication into anything you need to get your work done, on any device. Utilize Okta FastPass to minimize end-user friction with phishing-resistant factors and adaptive policy checks to securely access corporate resources.

Key benefits when using Okta FastPass:

Passwordless login experience

Passwordless authentication to any SAML, OIDC, or WS-Fed app in Okta. Can be coupled with your choice of device management tool.

Enforcement of phishing-resistant authentication flows

Protect from real-time credential phishing across different platforms.

Ensure the security of the devices in use

Integrate with any device management tool to enforce phishing-resistant flows. Additionally, amplify the security of your unmanaged devices with Device Assurance using Okta Verify.

Combine with device-level biometrics

End-to-end (from login to app access) passwordless on devices which support biometrics. Login to device with biometrics, no additional prompts when accessing Okta-managed apps.

Consistent user experience across all platforms and devices

Reduce user friction to improve productivity.

Okta FastPass

Use cases

  • Support for Azure AD joined + Intune managed Windows devices
  • Support for Azure AD joined + VmWare Workspace ONE managed Windows devices
  • Support for MacOS devices managed by Jamf or any other enterprise mobility management tool 
  • Support for Intune managed iOS and Android devices
  • Support for VMWare Workspace ONE and MobileIron managed iOS and Android devices
  • Support for AD joined Windows devices
  • ...and many more

Credential Phishing Resistance with Okta FastPass

Okta is an integral part of the identity-centric view of life that we've taken with our security paradigm. Okta FastPass is a great example of how we can empower NTT DATA employees with an intuitive passwordless experience, while still maintaining invisible device policies and security.

Steve Williams


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