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Workforce Identity Cloud


Deploy a
multilayered defense with FastPass

Secure the moment of access and beyond with
phishing-resistant, passwordless authentication.

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A graphic of an Okta FastPass sign-in pop-up window layered over an image of a woman holding a tablet.

FastPass is your best, first, and subsequent line of Identity-driven defense. Plus, it can save your team time and money.¹

Discover your ROI


of all daily authentications
use FastPass

~36K hrs

saved in staff hours per year compared to traditional MFA


annual time savings per year, every year²

Do more with a Zero Trust authenticator

Create secure access policies on the backend without
placing any extra burden on your users when they try
to access resources.

Secure the moment of access and beyond

FastPass comes with device context checks that help establish minimum security requirements for devices and browsers, so it starts evaluating the moment a user first logs in.

Then it continues to silently monitor every time a user opens a new application, providing additional assurance that the device hasn’t changed before allowing access to downstream resources.

“Okta Identity Engine was a real game-changer for HubSpot because it gave us access to FastPass, phishing resistance, and a holistic, end-to-end solution."

Eric Richard
SVP of Engineering and Chief Information Security Officer 

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“We use Okta Verify and FastPass company-wide. For a significant amount of our applications, passwords are no longer required. Users simply put their finger on their Touch ID sensor or use Face ID and they’re in.”

Mitch Francese
Senior IT Systems Administrator, Identity and Access Management


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Supported phishing-resistant authenticators

An icon of a circle surrounding an oval and a straight line, giving the effect of a globe.

FIDO2 WebAuthn

Okta supports FIDO2 WebAuthn authenticators such as YubiKey and Touch ID, which follow a standards-driven approach for secure authentication on the web.

An icon of an ID card and a key.

Smart cards

PIV/CAC cards can securely authenticate to any Okta-protected application, and are ideal for organizations in regulated industries.

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Deliver a true passwordless experience

Learn how you can utilize FastPass to minimize end-user friction while preventing
phishing attacks.

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Complementary products



A graphic of a touch ID pop-up window.

Adaptive MFA

Secure your apps and VPN with a robust policy framework and a set of modern second-verification factors.

A graphic of a user using Okta FastPass to sign on to different apps at once.

Single Sign-On

A single set of credentials gives your people access to enterprise apps in the cloud, on premises, and on mobile devices.

A graphic of an ID verification notification.

Device Access

Boost productivity by giving your teams an easier way to securely access every device, app, and resource at first login.


Okta is a world-leading Identity provider

Our solutions are comprehensive, secure, easy-to-use, reliable, and work with your existing technology. So no matter your stack, we’ve got your back. Over 18,000 customers rely on our 7,000+ pre-built integrations, extensibility, and flexibility.

See the difference

¹Savings are estimates based on internal Okta implementation.

²Compared to an August 2021 baseline.

To connect with a product expert today, use our chat box, email us, or call +1-800-425-1267.
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