Reduce IT Friction

Transform IT from cost center to business catalyst

Create leverage for IT teams

CIOs are expected to reduce IT costs and drive efficiency while maintaining, or even improving, the availability and performance of business technology.*

Foster innovation

Foster organization-wide innovation

57% of CIOs report the business expects them to assist in developing new products and services, yet most state that innovation is not prioritized.*


Enable the extended enterprise

IT’s complexity and scope have increased as they are now expected to scale support beyond traditional employees to external contractors, seasonal workers, and partners.


Okta helps Medallia automate repetitive IT processes to support rapid headcount growth

By automating repetitive IT processes, Medallia's IT team not only delivers a productive day one experience for an increasing amount of new hires, but they are also now freed up to provide strategic technology assistance company-wide.

Centralize user management

Reduce complexity and gain visibility into who has access to what with a single source of truth across all corners of an organization.


Eliminate IT disruptions

Automate time consuming tasks like provisioning, deprovisioning, and password resets for all user types keeping IT focused on high value activities.


Okta improves efficiency across IT teams, allowing them to prioritize strategic projects that drive growth and scale for an organization.

Deploy technology with ease

Support business innovation by quickly and securely deploying best in class technology to global user groups.


Save on license costs

Manage licenses and automate deprovisioning to prevent overspending.


of CIOs are expected to lower operational costs while improving service levels, but they are faced with business demands and new trends that can create friction.*