Okta Secure Identity Commitment Whitepaper

Okta Secure Identity Commitment.

Identity has become the primary enterprise security entry point for all workforce and consumer applications. Meanwhile, the volume and complexity of attacks against entities large and small continues to accelerate. Detecting and protecting against these attacks is mission critical.

As a world-leading independent Identity company, Okta is at the forefront of dealing with attacks. As a result, we have launched the Okta Secure Identity Commitment.

 This white paper details this commitment, and its four main pillars: 

  • Elevate our industry to be more protected against Identity attacks
  • Champion customer best practices to help ensure they are best protected
  • Provide market-leading secure Identity products and services
  • Harden our corporate infrastructure

As part of this initiative, we have already delivered or announced a number of important features and upgrades within both our corporate infrastructure and our product portfolio. You can find a summary of these updates in this white paper.