Okta MFA for Microsoft ADFS

Increase security to your existing identity infrastructure

Add strong authentication with MFA to your existing ADFS deployment

Secure applications while accelerating cloud deployments

Protect access to your cloud apps through identity assurance

Provide a seamless access experience

Improve security without overburdening your admins or users

Okta MFA for ADFS diagramv2


Okta Adaptive MFA secures access to your identity provider and applications through its integration with Microsoft Active Directory Federation Service (ADFS). Add strong authentication to centralised identity to reduce risk from phishing and compromised credentials. Supporting a broad array of factors, seamless end-user enrollment, and a robust policy framework, Adaptive MFA leverages your existing ADFS infrastructure to increase security without introducing unnecessary complexity. Our MFA integration supports ADFS v3.0 and v4.0 via the Okta ADFS Plugin on your ADFS server.