Customer Identity Cloud

Customer Identity & Access Management (CIAM)

Innovate without Compromise. There’s no need for tradeoffs between innovation and security.

Customer Identity is so much more than just the login box

With a customer identity solution you can empower your engineering teams to be agile and efficient, and focus their valuable time on high-value efforts that differentiate and drive your business forward. 

Maximise the impact of your developers and engineers

Allow talented (and increasingly expensive) developers, identity engineers, and security and IT professionals to focus on tasks that matter rather than spending their valuable time on highly specialised, time-consuming projects that are not directly related to the company's core business.

Maximise the impact of your developers and engineers
Accelerate revenue and business outcomes

Accelerate revenue and business outcomes

Empower product, digital and marketing teams to delight customers, better understand their preferences, and, ultimately, increase revenue by providing user insights and enabling elegant and trustworthy omni-channel experiences for your consumers, customers, partners, suppliers, constituents, and other external users.

Reduce security and compliance risks

Help security, compliance, IT, and engineering teams reduce risks by offloading some of their tasks and concerns to a cloud service that was built with complex security, compliance, and performance needs in mind. This is also commonly known as the shared responsibility model.

Reduce security and compliance risks
Ready to see for yourself?

There’s no need to compromise between innovation and security.

You’re safe to innovate at scale while keeping your business and customers safe.
Protect revenue and prevent data loss, as well as improve security posture of products and apps, with features such as Adaptive MFA, Breached Password Detection, and Bot Detection.

Customer Identity does more for everyone

Streamline IT operations and mitigate the pain of manual processes with Okta’s products and technology. 

Universal Login

With or without code, you can secure a seamless journey of digital access for users.


Passwordless authentication enables a secure and frictionless experience for everyone.

Actions & Extensibility

Visually drag and drop Actions to build custom identity flows that address your unique requirements.

Attack Protection

Protect against a range of attacks with features such as Bot Detection, Breached Password Detection, and Suspicious IP Throttling.


Customise authentication and authorisation workflows for your B2B customers at scale.

Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Provide intelligent access that adapts to your customers’ login behaviours.

Enterprise Connections

Enable Enterprise Federation using pre-built integrations with commonly used Enterprise Identity Systems.

We realised it was best for us to invest in value-added activities for Coles and our customers, not creating identity systems or identity platforms.

Assaf Warshitzky

Platform Engineering Group Manager, Coles

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