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Banks, fintechs, insurers and advisors place identity at the forefront of their digital strategy.

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The identity landscape for financial services is quickly evolving. Customers and employees alike have higher expectations than ever before, open banking is on the rise, and more fintechs are taking the opportunity to enter the market. Globally, regulators are implementing new controls to increase competition, improve cybersecurity, and protect customer data. 
With an identity-first approach, financial services institutions can stay ahead of change and close the competitive gap. 
How can Identity help

How can Identity help

Accelerate innovation and transform user experience

Unify accounts, gain a 360° user view, improve and personalise how users access and manage services.

Maximise compliance and minimise risk with identity-first security

Fortify your threat protections, meet financial regulatory requirements, and set the foundation for Zero Trust, with industry leading identity for secure, scalable, and compliant access. 

Accelerate cloud modernisation

Enable a hybrid IT environment, get one identity layer for both modern web and mobile apps and legacy on-prem apps, transform your IT culture with simple, streamlined access.

How financial institutions can use identity and access management

Open banking/third party API management

Create new business models for your customers by allowing the secure exchange of data within the organisation and across the ecosystem.

Secure mobile & online banking

Unify customer identities by integrating your banking apps effortlessly, and ensure secure customer access to your online and mobile banking apps with frictionless strong customer authentication.

Remote account opening

Verify customer identities with identity proofing and strong customer authentication.

Payment verification

Stop fraud in its tracks and verify payment transactions with out of band authentication such as mobile push.

360 view of the customer

Overcome organisational silos created by channel, product, geography, or business unit. Increase customer lifetime value by deepening your understanding of their interests and preferences.

Secure, seamless access for your employees

Centralise identity management and establish a frictionless Zero Trust security posture.

We needed an identity platform at the height of our cloud ambitions. That's when we discovered Okta Identity Cloud and unlocked a future of unlimited possibility.

Roger Elliott

Senior Manager, Identity and Access Management, AIA Group

Why Okta?

With Okta, banks and financial services institutions can create a seamless, trusted digital experience for both employees and customers. By leveraging modern identity solutions such as passwordless authentication, adaptive multifactor authentication, and advanced server access - all underpinned by extensible customisation and personalisation features - you can protect your users' sensitive data and automate appropriate access across each end user’s life cycle.

With strong identity and access management that’s quick to install and easily integrated with existing tech stacks, Okta can help financial institutions close the competitive gap.

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