Okta + Ally



Megan Crespi: Ally Financial is a top 20 US bank. We also are among the biggest auto finance providers in the United States today. Ally Financial is the original fintech disruptor. Digital is all we do.

Megan Crespi: We work with 18,000 auto dealerships across the US. As customers have become more technologically savvy, their expectations are they can transact from their pocket, and we want to meet them where they are. We have a full range of mobile applications and online capabilities for our customers to be able to do the things that they want to do when they want to do them.

Megan Crespi: As a bank, we need to be trusted with our customers' money. It's at the center of our focus. Cyber threats continue to increase in the landscape, so it's very important to us to evaluate all technology products and choices on the basis of the security capabilities that they provide.

Megan Crespi: Identity is very important for us across the board. We transact billions of dollars every month with our dealer partners. It's critically important that we understand who has the authority on which transaction types we needed to ensure that we could work with dealers in a way that was seamless in a way that provided trust.

Megan Crespi: Before Okta, we had an experience that required a lot of call center interaction in order to support the ways that dealers would transact on a daily basis. Since implementing Okta, we have a 40,000 dealers who have active credentials with Ally through the Okta platform. They are able to transact seamlessly. They're able to administer their own passwords, render new credentials for identity, and all the while can do this without interacting through call centers or other manual processes. We have a 95% reduction in turnaround time on the administration of new credentials.

Megan Crespi: That alone has caused dealers to tell us that they're thrilled with the experience that we've provided through Okta. We see Okta is a great partner of ours before, during, and post implementation of our new dealer capabilities, and we're looking at ways that we can expand that relationship for other groups that require identity.

Ally Financial provides a seamless, trusted experience for its 40,000 dealers.