The security IT needs. The simplicity users want.

Security Without Compromise

Smart, highly skilled criminals are motivated to steal your customer and employee data. It's your job to stop them. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) works. But outdated on-prem MFA solutions are too complex to manage. Worse? They frustrate your users. There is a smart way.

Enlightened Security

Free your business from frustrating everyone with cumbersome login obstacles. Okta's contextual access management and big-data analytics secure your apps and VPNs without irritating users. See how Okta Adaptive MFA improves company security, simplifies management for IT, and gives everyone a simple way in.

Okta Adaptive Multi-factor Authentication

Looking for a secure way to protect your company's applications and data? Okta Adaptive Multi-factor Authentication allows you to give employees and customers a seamless way to access the tools they need. Okta Adaptive MFA uses a broad set of modern factors, leverages insight from millions of users, devices, and authentications, and integrates easily with your applications and network infrastructure.

"The risks involved make MFA for apps and services vital for data protection. We love the fact that Okta Adaptive MFA is easy to use and we can choose from factors like SMS and Okta Verify."

—Michael Ibbitson, CIO, London Gatwick Airport