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Customer Identity Cloud: Roadmap & Feature Releases Webinar

Customer Identity Cloud: Roadmap & Feature Releases Webinar

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Customer Identity Cloud: Roadmap & Feature Releases Webinar

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Workforce Identity Cloud

Protect against threats with phishing resistance

Get end-to-end phishing-resistant authentication that protects your organisation and supports your employees, partners, and extended workforce.

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Our platform is built to empower, not impede

Our Identity-powered security offers robust protection against phishing attacks that extends across the entire user journey — from the very first time a new employee is onboarded, through every authentication and recovery process — all without disrupting productivity.

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See why phishing resistance matters

Learn why more organisations are interested in going beyond MFA and pivoting to phishing-resistant authenticators.

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74% of all data breaches involve the human element.*

Cybercriminals have identified end users as the weakest link in the authentication flow, helping them gain unauthorised access to organisations’ infrastructure.

* Verizon 2023 Data Breach Investigations Report

Achieve defence in depth with Okta

Establish a strong security posture that adheres to Zero Trust principles.

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  • Reduce the attack surface with secure, phishing-resistant authentication with adaptive access policies
  • Audit your security posture and get recommendations for improvements with HealthInsight
  • Create a consistent, familiar user experience across platforms and devices
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  • Perform device security checks silently upon every app access during the course of an active session
  • Enhance logging for faster detection of anomalous user activity
  • Amplify security insights by synthesizing Identity threat signals across your apps and security stack
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  • Proactively block malicious IP addresses with ThreatInsight
  • Enable self-service factor recovery in a phishing-resistant manner
  • Create access policies and workflows to automate responsiveness and take quicker action against suspicious activities
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Okta FastPass

Protect against real-time credential phishing attempts on managed and unmanaged Windows, iOS, Android, and macOS devices.

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Insights and resources just for you

The business impact of phishing

Explore the history and ramifications of phishing attacks, along with modern solutions for protection and prevention.

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