Okta FastPass

Strengthen Identity-powered security through phishing resistant MFA.

FastPass delivers phishing resistant authentication where you need it—across devices, browsers, and applications. Enabling cryptographically secured access and adaptive policy checks strengthens your organisations’ Zero Trust security. FastPass provides a zero trust authentication solution that minimises end-user friction through strong trust in identities and devices.

Secure authentication with FastPass

Enforce phishing resistant authentication

Protect against real-time credential phishing attempts on managed and unmanaged Windows, iOS, Android, and macOS devices.

Ensure the security of the devices in use

Amplify your devices' security posture by checking for device attributes in risk-aware authentication policies.

Eliminate password logins to resources

Remove passwords and incorporate device-level biometrics to access Okta-protected SAML, OIDC, or WS-Fed apps.

Support a consistent user experience

Secure a heterogeneous mix of devices, and improve user productivity by reducing user friction at access touchpoints.

Okta FastPass

A zero trust authentication solution

Device assurance

Establish minimum security requirements for devices being used to access critical apps, denying access if those requirements are not met

Device management

Use any device management solution alongside FastPass to build strong policies that secure access to Okta-protected resources


Comply with federally mandated phishing resistant authentication requirements and any other external security requisites

Credential Phishing Resistance with Okta FastPass

To harden our security posture, the priority was to ensure all logins to Okta come from registered devices and use phishing-resistant MFA. Okta FastPass has enabled us to achieve that goal.

Eric Richard

CISO and SVP of Engineering Operations

Supported phishing resistant authenticators

FIDO2 WebAuthn is a standards-driven approach for secure authentication on the web, which Okta supports via authenticators such as YubiKey or Touch ID.

Smart Cards (PIV/CAC) can securely authenticate to any Okta-protected application, and are ideal for organisations in regulated industries.

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