Let's Make Your Favorite App Work-Related

The opportunity to market an application designed and built for Fortune 500s might not seem as sexy as marketing one of the many beloved consumer apps. But that’s not the case for our marketing team at Okta. Because we, like many of our peers, are working to change the way others work. A lot of that change is around the user experience, an area that hasn't gotten a ton of attention in the enterprise, but now (thanks to cloud and mobile making it possible to work from anywhere at anytime) is in the spotlight. And that's something we’re thrilled to share.

shutterstock_67933885-e1397780818698If you attended Oktane13 last November or read any of our CEO Todd McKinnon’s recent bylines in TechCrunch or Re/code, you know that we’re focusing on putting people first and technology second, and we think the key to doing that is perfecting the enterprise user experience.

That’s what Todd’s latest contribution to TechCrunch, “Why Your Favorite App Isn’t Business-Related And How It Can Be,” covers. In it, Todd (with the help of our UX expert, Brian Hansen) discusses how we can improve the enterprise user experience by incorporating the best qualities of consumer apps – utility, simplicity, engagement and emotion – into our products to make work just as easy (and almost as delightful) as using Instagram or Uber.

There’s an opportunity here to truly change the way we work and make your favourite app a work-related one (which, yes, means letting you watch every NCAA game from the office). And our marketing team -- actually the entire Okta team -- is spreading the word to get our partners and other major enterprise players in on the fun.