Our Enduring Identity: 10 Years of Okta

This email was sent to Okta employees this morning.

Hi Everyone,

This week, we’re celebrating a decade of Okta. Whether you’ve been with us for years or just joined last week, this week is about you. It’s about what you’ve built, and more importantly, what you’re building.

Leading up to the week, we asked what you love about Okta. The most common answer we heard was “the people.” We heard that you’ve met your best friends and even spouses (!) here. You’ve worked with the smartest people you’ve ever met, and were inspired by and grateful for your colleagues, and the customers you make successful. Nothing makes us prouder. Why build a company? Why spend so much of your life at a job? It has to be about the people.

We also heard some of your favourite memories. Our first big customer wins. Joining forces with companies like Stormpath and ScaleFT. The IPO, and what that milestone meant to you. Our CTO, Hector Aguilar, tearing it up on the dance floor every year at Oktane. Building offices around the globe in London, Paris, Sydney, Toronto, and our new HQ in downtown San Francisco. The growth of Okta for Good, and how important it is to give back to your communities. Shaking every new employee’s hand at All Hands (apologies for any mispronounced names).

What really drives us, is how motivated you are to build Okta’s future. You’re excited by our incredible opportunity, and foresee us having millions of customers and tens of thousands of employees. Freddy and I know that although it seems like we've done so much in 10 years (and we have!) that in truth we are just getting started — and to hear that same thing from all of you gives us so much confidence in our future. And ten years from now when we’re celebrating another decade, we’ll realise that our potential was even bigger than we could have imagined.

We wrote at the IPO: “We are Okta. We take pride in our identity, and the identities we protect. We’re just getting started.” It’s just as true today as it will be 10 years from now.

We are so proud of the work this team has done and to be part of this movement with all of you. Looking forward to celebrating together in 2029.

Todd + Frederic