How Welocalize Boosted UX and Security Using Okta Single Sign-On

Last year, global translation and localisation company Welocalize added an extra layer of authentication to its client portal by teaming up with Okta. Now, Welocalize is delivering an easy-to-use portal experience that also meets its clients’ stringent information security (infosec) and data security needs.

That extra layer is Okta Single Sign-On, a cloud-based solution that allows users to seamlessly and securely access multiple applications and workstreams using just one set of credentials. Within the Welocalize Client Portal, users have one-click access to a dashboard that gives them everything they need to stay productive, including information, projects, files, and reports. It also means that the IT teams of those Welocalize clients can easily set roles and permissions for users from one central control point. This not only ensures infosec compliance, but makes the jobs of those IT teams a whole lot simpler.

Managing multiple users and logins

Welocalize supports and manages the globalisation programs of a number of leading brands. They do this by providing localisation, digital marketing, patent translation, and AI-enabled services for many content types and languages. Recently, this web of services prompted Welocalize to initiate a digital transformation program that would improve security and navigation. 

That program focused on the One Welocalize Platform, which is a suite of cloud-based apps that seamlessly integrate with Welocalize clients’ own technology. Within the Welocalize Platform is the Welocalize Client Portal, where clients can centrally and securely manage their projects. 

This centralised portal houses a number of workstreams that often serve multiple stakeholders within one organisation. As a result, the portal and work surface environment contain sensitive and confidential data that must be protected from both internal and external security breaches. 

Welocalize was well aware of this heightened need for security protection even before it began its digital transformation. Usernames and passwords are the main targets of cybercriminals and a significant threat to infosec, which means each login attempt holds the potential for a security breach. While the portal required complex security measures, including granular security clearances for each user, Welocalize knew it needed to avoid creating a frustrating and unnecessarily complex user experience. 

Often Welocalize users work with a variety of global content service providers and teams, across more than one language or market. Those users often faced multiple portals, logins, and entry points. That wasn’t sustainable. 

In short, Welocalize needed a security solution that consistently protected data from outside risk, seamlessly managed who sees what, and easily allowed users to access what they needed.

One storefront. One secure point of access.

Welocalize found that solution in Okta Single Sign-On (SSO). This cloud-based user authentication solution enables users to seamlessly and securely access multiple applications and workstreams using just one set of credentials. Users can toggle between workstreams and see the status of a wide range of translation projects, sometimes across their own clients. 

SSO also ensures that those users only have access to what they need. This is all easily administered within one central control point, where IT teams can view, manage, and secure user access. 

“Protecting client data is a top priority to Welocalize, especially for those clients in highly regulated areas such as legal and financial services sectors,” says Matt Sekac, Welocalize’s VP of Data and Business Intelligence. “Even within one organisation, there are requirements where users should not have access to other people’s projects. By implementing Okta authentication, clients have the ability and convenience to sign in only once and then use set permissions—they securely view only what they’re meant to.”

The collaboration has been a positive experience for Okta as well. “We’re delighted to work with Welocalize,” says Anuj Nadkarni, Okta’s Senior Director of Enterprise Customer Success. “Collaboration is fundamental to innovation and global business and at Okta we strive to connect the right information to the right people, securely. This technology integration gives Welocalize clients the reassurance and trust that their data is not only totally secure, but the overall authentication process is simple and convenient.” 

The payoff: better security, better productivity

All of this has translated to a number of benefits for Welocalize and its clients. The new, streamlined digital experience means users spend less time logging in and out, resulting in increased productivity. The number of helpdesk requests has dropped as well since most calls are password-related. And overall security has improved because the chances of credential-related breaches have been reduced. 

For Regan Delaney, Senior Director of Product, Welocalize, the security and productivity benefits are significant: “Infosec and user experience are core to Welocalize’s digital strategy,” he says. “By introducing the Okta authentication solution, we’ve been able to build a singular storefront to Welocalize’s platform, allowing users to seamlessly log in with one credential. We’ve removed the friction of continuous logins and logouts. Whenever clients log in to the portal, it’s an easier process, while they can also be confident they’re securely accessing the right data.”

With SSO, Welocalize is also able to meet a number of industry security regulations.

“Okta significantly contributed to our ISO 27001 certification,” says Aaron Heber, VP, Global IT, Welocalize. “Okta is the foundation of our identity management and authentication framework. It is a critical component to ensure the security of our employees, clients, and vendors.” 

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