AWS AppFabric and Okta streamline access and authorization

Today at AWS Applications Innovation Day, AWS announced AWS AppFabric, a new service that connects multiple SaaS applications together to improve security and productivity. AWS AppFabric connects SaaS applications across the organisation so IT and security teams can easily manage and secure SaaS applications. Now available as part of AWS AppFabric, Okta helps manage and ingest log activities from SaaS applications. 

SaaS applications don’t work natively together, and point-to-point integrations are burdensome. Application data is highly variable and lacks standardisation that makes it hard to analyse logs or receive critical risks, which in turn compromise employee productivity.

This is where the AWS AppFabric service comes into play. AWS AppFabric connects your applications in minutes and reduces operational costs, increasing visibility across SaaS application data to elevate your security posture, and automatically performing tasks across applications with generative AI. Okta is integrated with AppFabric to offer our customers these same great benefits. 

Okta customers can leverage standardised SaaS security logs provided by AppFabric to analyse security events and suggest stringent enforcement policies for users and applications. Okta can rely on AWS AppFabric to ingest log activities from multiple SaaS applications. This helps to minimise the cost of evaluating security incidents across multiple applications from a user's security posture and taking any remediation actions if required.

The Okta System Log records system logs and events in order to provide an audit trail that can be used to understand platform activity and to diagnose problems. With log consolidation and utilising a standard schema, security teams can quickly enhance their security posture across SaaS applications.

Okta’s support of AWS AppFabric reinforces our commitment and leadership in supporting businesses to enable customers with a foundation of services they can access, trust, and act on to achieve successful outcomes on AWS. Customers can begin to use Okta with AWS AppFabric immediately at