Okta + MuleSoft

Comprehensive API access management across the development lifecycle

The Challenge

  • APIs are becoming an enterprise necessity
  • Programmers need to be able to work remotely and securely
  • Teams change, and APIs can contain sensitive information
  • IT needs a flexible, scalable, future-proof solution for securely providing APIs.

The Solution

  • Okta + MuleSoft provides a Single Sign-On (SSO) unified solution
  • IT can define access based on user profile, groups, network, client, and consent
  • API access can be provisioned as easily as you provision application access now
  • API dev teams can securely design, develop, test, deploy, and operate APIs in hours
Facilitate robust API development with controlled permissions

Facilitate robust API development with controlled permissions

Support secure API development across the entire lifecycle, with fine-grained provisioning that allows tighter control over access to sensitive information, without compromising the productivity of a well-supported development environment. Tools are optimized for different personas throughout the development lifecycle; a consistent codebase across on-premise, public and private cloud cuts down on errors and version control.

Offer your developers a broad set of integrated capabilities

Securely arm developers with tools optimized for different personas at the design, develop, test, deploy, and operate phases of the API development lifecycle. Developers are able to create new APIs in hours from templates, build customizable portals for API consumers, and see utilization metrics and create dashboards to clock performance. And it’s all built around a single consistent codebase across on-prem and public and private cloud, supporting hybrid implementations in multiple configurations.


Maintain your data security by fine-tuning access control

Use permissions based on user profile or status to define, update, and revoke access; create, maintain, and audit access policies from one user-friendly console. Okta’s identity-driven access management ensures the API ecosystem doesn’t leak sensitive data, while keeping the process simple and seamless for authorized end-users. Provision API access as easily as you provision application access.

Mulesoft Okta Diagram



More Secure API Management

Okta’s API Access Management and MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform work together to supply and support robust API development tools without compromising data security. MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform delivers integrated capabilities across the full API development and deployment lifecycle, and Okta API Access Management provides easy, centralized, identity-driven access management for all of your APIs and all your users. Together this solution securely connects all your apps, devices, and users.

  • Single Sign-On (SSO) simplicity for authorized end-users 
  • A wide range of tools for API development to keep them productive
  • Easy provisioning and deprovisioning and other access management tools for IT
  • Out-of-the-box integration for agility and comprehensive security