Okta + SailPoint

Add end-to-end identity management and governance to protect all your users, apps, and data

The Challenge

  • Organisations are using more applications than ever, deployed both on-premise and in the cloud
  • Apps need to be accessible to external users, such as partners, contractors, and customers
  • Managing secure, non-burdensome access to apps can be taxing for IT resources
  • Maintaining access audit trails for compliance can skyrocket in complexity

The Solution

  • Secure access driven by SSO and MFA
  • Simplified compliance and policy enforcement
  • Detailed behavioural tracking and reporting
  • Direct connector between Okta and Sailpoint, plus support for AD as a compliance bridge
  • Easy provisioning and deprovisioning for apps and data

SailPoint Okta  Diagram Updated

Securely manage identity

Okta provides secure identity tools to safely authorise access, delivering capabilities for access management, user authentication, single sign-on, MFA, and password reset.

Ensure governance and compliance

SailPoint provides governance and compliance tools, so you can manage and document enterprise behavior. You get tools for access requests, access certifications, separation of duties, entitlement provisioning, and password management.

Simplify provisioning and deprovisioning

Okta and SailPoint work together to determine the best approach to provisioning and deprovisioning, depending on the unique requirements of your enterprise and other local data.

Okta Sailpoint Integration

See How SailPoint and Okta Deliver End-to-End Identity Access and Governance

Make Identity Management Easy

  • Ensure that key identity functions are secure and automated
  • Easily enforce authorisation policies
  • Document user access activity to ensure compliance
  • Maintain a high level of user productivity, without compromising security