Datasheet Download: Modern Identity Solutions for Education

Universities and higher education institutions are under pressure to modernise and improve learning processes and optimise technology throughout the full student lifecycle. This is a complex endeavour spanning the application process, student enrollment, post-graduate engagement, alumni and staff integration, and more.

Budgets remain tight, and IT leadership must grapple each year with how to provide services and support for existing technologies and systems while planning for change and funding future needs with limited resources. Hiring and retaining key talent is difficult and likely to remain so in the near future. All of this is underpinned by the need for water-tight security.

Learn how Okta is helping educational institutions run more efficiently and improve user experience, as well as: 

  • Providing secure and seamless access for employees and corporate services
  • Engaging students with seamless, secure access to hybrid learning
  • Engaging alumni throughout their careers with lifelong learning engagement
  • Streamlining access for researchers and translate research into commercial solutions
  • Strengthening global networks by providing secure international education
Modern Identity Solutions for Education

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