The world has changed, has your IAM strategy?

For many organisations that are creating innovative web and mobile applications, IAM strategies are still focused on corporate systems and not on their customer-facing services. Key to protecting customer accounts while ensuring seamless user experiences is IAM designed specifically for consumers. No longer is IAM "simply" about offering secure management of personal information and access rights to corporate users: the game has changed, and so have the players.

With your customers, users and indeed, your company’s core assets at stake, this could be the most important hour you spend this year. In this webinar we'll be digging into the matter of Identity and Access Management. Host Jon Collins from The Register will be quizzing Tony Lock from Freeform Dynamics and Nadav Benbarak, from Okta, to understand just how far things have come and, most importantly, what to do about them.

Watch the Webinar

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