Del Monte Foods leans on Okta to facilitate a full cloud transition



Timothy Weaver: Del Monte Foods is one of the largest consumer packaged goods companies in the world. We have a long storied history of creating nutritional products for our consumers all around the world. Our employees are distributed throughout the U.S. at various manufacturing facilities, administrative offices, our headquarters, so they have a variety of functions that they perform and use technology in many different ways.

As we built out our new IT environment, we've looked to the cloud and insured that we have mobile capabilities for our new solutions. We needed to make sure that we could provision those mobile devices as quickly as possible and in a secure a manner as possible. We have a very lean IT organisation, so we needed something that works seamlessly with identity management, and when we evaluated the Okta mobile device management capabilities, we were amazed by how simple it was to set up and deploy to our existing users.

With policy management, we can secure the device the same way we secure all of our other applications, with the same policies in place for our end users, so they don't get confused by accessing a solution through their mobile device or through their laptop. At Del Monte, we're seeking to leverage our greenfield opportunity to build a brand new IT landscape. Okta is a critical piece of that because if it starts with a person, it starts with their identity. How do they join the organisation? How are they getting access to the technology that they use to do their day-to-day jobs and collaborate with other people in the environment? Using the Okta platform, we're able to do that seamlessly for them, both on the desktop applications, on the web-based applications, and now on the mobile applications.

When you think about an organisation, it all starts with a person at the middle, your employee, your contractors, and how you work with that employee is very important to them. It's a retention issue, it's an attraction-of-talent issue, so the more effective IT is at giving modern-day technology to our end user population, the more attractive we can be as an organisation to people looking to join the workforce. 

Del Monte may be one of the largest packaged nutritional goods companies in the world, but it knows that the more effective IT is to its users, the better a company can be. This is especially when it comes to improving its employee provisioning, mobile accessibility, and user authentication for its applications. This where Okta’s Identity & Access Management solution plays a critical role in the company’s success.