Build vs. Buy: Customer Identity and Access Management

Managing modern customer identity is a complex task. Keeping up with evolving standards, compliance laws, best practices, and constantly patching security bugs takes time and money away from the core business. Development teams experience a lot of pressure to deliver web and mobile applications on time, and because the market is increasingly competitive, timelines are more ambitious than ever. 

Are your best developers spending their time building and maintaining identity management and authentication instead of building core business applications? Have you ever worried about missing a launch date because of identity delays? Do you dream of driving rapid innovation but security and privacy demands keep stealing your time away?

Architects and engineering leaders are often unsure if investing in developer-friendly solutions like pre-built customer identity and access management (CIAM) is right for their project. 

Read this whitepaper to learn about:

  • Key considerations and the advantages of a pre-built identity solution
  • How customer identity can be a strategic business driver–without compromising security 
  • A total cost of ownership (TCO) comparison example
  • Case studies of businesses that chose developer friendly CIAM solutions

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