Speaker 1: At the heart of it, Heal is an on-demand healthcare provider. When we are in your home, we have the full context of you and we can use that context to provide better healthcare outcomes and that has been our vision from day one.

Speaker 1: What we want to be able to do is be a part of your entire healthcare journey. We want to understand what are your care gaps, how do we close them, how do we keep that relationship going, and how do we do it in a manner that is completely seamless to you, as a customer. Everything done through the app, at the tips of your fingers.

Speaker 1: So, we need to have technology that allows us to do that seamlessly, and we do this by being 100% in the cloud. But then there are certain key areas where we know that we don't not only require the technical expertise, but we need our partners to basically go way beyond that. When Heal platform was built, it had a home provider solution, but then we very quickly realize that we would not be able to keep up. So we started out by leveraging Stormpath and then, when Stormpath and Okta sort of merged together, at that point in time it was a very easy transition for us to move from Stormpath to Okta.

Speaker 1: When it comes to identity, Okta plays an integral role across all of our different business needs. Whether it is authenticating our employees to connect into multiple software systems, whether it is authenticating our patients to have securely access to their patient and health information, or whether it is authenticating our providers so that they can have seamless access to our patients health records when they providing care in the comfort of our patients home. We rely on Okta through and through, through all of these scenarios and having a single sign-on provider that can help us do that is amazing.

Speaker 1: So one of the biggest value of having the team as experienced is that it saves time and it is super efficient. The other thing is, is that it's secure. So as a healthcare company it goes way beyond just traditional PII. We have to ensure that when it comes to our patients their records are completely safe. So Okta helps us being a ... , absolutely a lot more than what we would have been able to do on our own. Our customers access us through our mobile platform a lot more than they access us through the desktop. As these devices are becoming more and more powerful, mobile is definitely the place to go.

Speaker 1: We have heard nothing but praises from our customers in terms of being able to use the app to seamlessly book a doctor. When our doctors walk in they already have access to all of your prior healthcare information. It's sitting on their iPad, securely inside a provider tool.

Speaker 1: Okta definitely has helped us grow our business. Okta was there supporting us through and through in terms of not only just our transition from Stormpath to Okta, but ensuring that the company is basically building the kind of features that we would need in the future.

Heal enters the healthcare market, determined to change the industry at its core. To connect doctors and patients securely through mobile devices, the team develops a HIPAA-compliant app using Stormpath APIs. When Stormpath and Okta unite, the transition is easy, and the company gains unified identity management for employees, partners, customers, and devices across its growing network.