Eash Sundaram: JetBlue is a New York hometown airline. Since our start, we fly over a hundred destinations, 40 million customers, 250 aircraft, and we've been growing successfully.

Eash Sundaram: Innovation is in JetBlue's DNA since our founding days. Our digital strategy absolutely enables our customer experience strategy. As a Chief Digital Officer for JetBlue, I'm responsible for providing that frictionless, seamless travel experience for our customers using technology. Historically, airline companies have not been technology savvy, but when you think about JetBlue, who wants to be a hospitality company than an airline, we focus a lot on technology as an enabler for serve our customers and crew members. Technology enables a personal, helpful, and a simple travel experience. Our crew members need to have meaningful interactions with our customers and that can be provided by a great culture or a technology tool that enables that interaction to be meaningful. Safety and security of this airline is our number one priority.

Eash Sundaram: Everything in the aviation industry starts with who you are and what you do. Identity is key to the success of this airline to keep us safe and secure. As you see 40 million customers transacting with us at different points in time during the travel, we have to keep these transactions safe and secure. Things in identity space change almost by the hour and we need a technology partner that can keep up with that pace of change on a daily basis.

Eash Sundaram: There aren't many companies like Okta, which has the experience of running digital commerce in a highly regulated aviation-type industry, which has its own uniqueness. When we looked at Okta, they absolutely brought those two pieces together in a unified way for us to address both physical and electronics security. Okta as a tool, while it provides security to the information of our customers and crew members, it also enables a very seamless transactional experience for our customers and crew members navigating to the digital ecosystem. As a company, we have 500-plus applications that run behind the scenes, providing a differentiated travel experience to our customers and crew members. Having a complex set up to have multiple logons and multiple ways to protect that information is absolutely simplified with Okta. As JetBlue looks at future-proofing ourselves, we look at a company like Okta to take us into the next chapter of JetBlue's new travel experience.

The JetBlue mission, “Inspire humanity,” drives its leaders to create more personal, helpful, and simple customer experiences. Its crewmembers are one of JetBlue’s biggest advantages, but the technology behind the scenes that supports them is also critical. JetBlue runs 500 customer and crewmember support applications. Okta makes sure that, in JetBlue’s multi-layered customer, partner, and crewmember ecosystem, the right people always have secure but effortless access to the right information.