Leukemia & Lymphoma Society


Speaker 1: The Leukemia Lymphoma Society is a nonprofit charitable organization. We've been around for over 50 years and we are the world's largest voluntary health organization. We aim to raise money to fund cancer research and provide care to patients. Most of our locations have no tax staff. Perhaps if we're lucky, they have a savvy secretary who can perform some functions. So, we approach problems with a view that we don't have any boots on the ground. As prices have come down and functionalities have gone up, security has been addressed. We're very interested in the cloud, but as these cloud apps started to proliferate, our initial use cases were Box and WebEx and many others have followed on. We're now an Office 365 customer. Identity has gotten more scattered. Initially we selected One Login as our partner. From an engineering perspective, I felt Okta was the more clear choice, but that One Login would accomplish the job.

Speaker 1: It was the larger issues, the engineering issues, which we had a lot of problems with. We got very frustrated and our users got frustrated because a lot of times those engineering issues were obviously impacting end users. The main item that Okta was able to address that One Login wasn't was support. To me the most important thing as I deal with the technology partner is support. Anyone can put a product out and hopefully that product meets our needs, but eventually something goes wrong or we have questions and when those questions or needs can't be addressed quickly, it's not a solution for us. The things about Okta that jump out to me are the trust I have in them. So, there are certain vendors and the number is very few that I've dealt with that when a new software version is released, I'm anxious to upgrade to it, to realize those new features and I don't have any fear about, they weren't implemented properly or maybe the new features are great, but it broke the old features.

Speaker 1: So, I'm very a confident in new releases, very excited about new features that are coming out. So, I think that trust is really what end users and IT admins look for. It just seems Okta's hitting the gas pedal. All the different vendors I deal with from A to Z have a mobility management solution, but none of them were as integrated with what we do as Okta. When we provision a new employee, all of a sudden they have all the apps they need on their mobile. It's easily launched. They're easily authenticated. It's the first time that mobility management seems like a fit to the vendor that I'm dealing with. I'm really excited to be in early and to be along for the ride.