Cloud Identity for Mediq

Identity Management is enabling the Dutch Healthcare industry to improve care access and deliver seamless, secure experiences for patients.

Okta is one trusted cloud platform to secure every identity. See how Cloud Identity Management can support Mediq in serving healthcare professionals and patients with medical devices, healthcare products and innovative solutions.


Five ways cloud identity is shaping the future of healthcare - read more.

Meet René de Bruin.
Your dedicated Healthcare Industry Specialist at Okta.

With many successful deployments within healthcare organisations completed, the Okta platform solves unique, complex identity problems every day for the healthcare industry. Our Experts thrive on delivering quality results with our customers, watch this 2 minute introductory video from our Healthcare Specialist, René de Bruin to find out more.

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Meet our different healthcare customers around the world - we make customers successful by enabling them to securely use the best technologies for their business.

New possibilities for the Healthcare industry

Bring tomorrow into focus by taking your healthcare organisation to the next level. And the one after that. It’s about the positive change modern health IT can make in the lives of patients, care providers and the community. We empower your digital transformation from vision to reality - from the point of care to the data centre to the cloud.

Your essential guide to identity as a service

Identity is of great importance within the healthcare sector in the development to the cloud. First of all, to securely connect the right people [employees, partners and clients] with the right technology at the right time. In addition, modernisation and integration with partner organisations is fundamental in the overall digital transformation.

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Next Generation of Patient Care

When you think of the impact of technological innovation on different sectors, healthcare might come to mind — perhaps for its advancements in treatments or new tools for diagnostics.


Securing Cloud Access in Healthcare

You need a scalable, agile foundation to manage apps and secure highly sensitive patient data. Okta provides cloud identity that benefits both IT departments and end users.


Businesses at Work: Healthcare Trends

With millions of people suddenly working from home for the first time, companies need ways to ensure productivity, connectivity, and security—quickly.

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