Reimagine Digital Identity Summit

Get all of the keynotes and sessions from the Reimagine Digital Identity Summit here.

What you missed

During the Virtual Reimagine Digital Identity Summit, our customers, ASML, VanMoof and Just Eat, our own Okta SVP and General Manager EMEA, strategic partners, subject matter experts and industry experts have covered Digital Identity related topics like: 

  • The Secure Remote Digital Workforce
  • Digital Trust for your Customers and Business Partners
  • Identity and Access Management Automation
  • The Future of IAM in Hybrid IT

The events of the last couple of years pushed the need for employees to be able to work remotely and the need for companies to serve their customers and business partners in a fully digital way. Employees, customers and business partners need to access their apps and services in a secure and trusted way.

Please check out the on demand sessions of the Virtual Reimagine Digital Identity Summit below.


Keynote presentations

Part 1

  • Welcoming introduction from moderator Jim Stolze and Joshua Kroeze. Sr. Director, Solutions Engineering EMEA, Okta (0:00 - 7:13)
  • Okta Keynote ‘Become an identity-first first company’ by Jon Addison, General Manager EMEA, Okta (7:20 - 26:22)
  • PwC Keynote ‘Global Digital Trust Insights’ by Ivo van Bennekom, Partner Digital Identity, PwC (27:16 - 44:46)

Part 2

  • Customer Keynote 'A Centralized Identity Management journey at' by Manuel Garat, Head of Identity and Access Management, (0:00 - 15:00) 
  • Customer keynote 'Changing supplier identity and access management for ASML' by Matthijs Nelissen, Product Owner Partner IAM, ASML (15:20- 28:34) 
  • Discussion on IAM best-practices (moderated by Jim Stolze) incl. All previous speakers (28:54 - 49:51)

Part 1

Part 2

In-depth sessions

Please check out these in-depth sessions covered by our customers VanMoof and Just Eat, our partners FuseLogic and NextNovate and our own subject matter experts on a variety of digital identity related topics.

VanMoof’s Identity and Access Management journey

Why did VanMoof start their Identity and Access Management journey? Which alternatives have been considered? What made them make certain decisions? How is the organization benefiting from the journey? And where are they now? What’s next? All these questions will be answered in this on-demand session.

Trevor Henney, Information Technology Lead - VanMoof
Martijn Veenstra, Sales Executive Lead - NextNovate

(17 min)

Advanced Server Access and Q&A with Okta customer Just Eat

First, a short presentation and demonstration will be shown. After that you will get all the answers to these questions: Why did Just Eat start their Identity & Access Management journey? Which alternatives have been considered? What made them make certain decisions? How is the organization benefiting from the journey? And where are they now? What’s next?

Dewi Siemerink, Senior Identity and Infrastructure Engineer - Just Eat
Joost Koiter, Lead Okta Consulting - FuseLogic

(41 min)

Zero Trust for your Workforce (presentation and demo)

Every organisation had to adapt their business in the last years. Those that leaned into the Zero Trust security model and broad cloud adoption were rewarded with a more secure and agile workforce. How did these companies meet the demands of the modern digital workforce? And what role do technologies like adaptive MFA, SSO, Provisioning, lifecycle management and workflows play in all this?

Ronald van de Pol, Sr. Solutions Engineer - Okta

(20 min)

Customer Identity and Access Management: Authentication (presentation and demo)

Customers today expect and demand a modern, seamless, personalized, customer experience at every touchpoint. Organizations that fail to deliver such an experience will be unable to attract and retain new and existing customers. How can you deliver that modern, seamless, personalised, customer experience? What role does Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) play in this? How to build authentication, authorisation & clear user management into any customer-facing app, portal or page?

Mats Wångersjö, Solutions Engineer - Okta

(15 min)

Identity Automation and Orchestration through Workflows (presentation and demo)

Rapid cloud adoption, tightening regulations and soaring cyber threats are all putting pressure on traditional identity and access management processes. IAM automation is part of the solution. How to automate IAM across several on-premise and cloud-based applications, eliminating dozens of unique passwords and streamlining access provisioning processes (like Joiner - Mover - Leaver)?

Marielle Hagblad, Solutions Engineer - Okta

(20 min)


The Future of IAM in Hybrid IT

Organisations are digitizing their products and services now more than ever. And are transforming their IT landscapes into a hybrid one by adding cloud components to it. What will be the future of IAM in hybrid IT? What to do? And what not to do?

Jeremy Durand, Solutions Engineer - Okta

(11 min)

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